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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA Grows 4.2% in First Half of 2015; Last Year’s High Sales Figures Achieved in June

› ŠKODA achieves record sales figures in first half of 2015: 544,300 vehicles
› June 2015: 94,600 deliveries to customers
› Success: Double-digit increase in Fabia and Superb Hatchback sales in Western Europe

​Mladá Boleslav, 13 July 2015 – ŠKODA has recorded sustained growth throughout the first half of the year. Between January and June, deliveries to customers around the world increased 4.2% to 544,300 vehicles (first half of 2014: 522,500). This is once again a new sales record for the Czech car manufacturer in the first half of the year. In June, the ŠKODA brand delivered 94,600 vehicles to customers (up 0.1% compared to June 2014). The latest generation ŠKODA Fabia and Superb have got off to an excellent start. In the first six months of 2015, sales of the ŠKODA Fabia in Western Europe increased by 24.3% and the ŠKODA Superb hatchback by 30.6%.
​“This has been a challenging but successful first half of the year for ŠKODA,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “In June, we were able to maintain the high level we set this time last year. This result demonstrates the non-uniform developments of some markets. On balance, the positive sales trends in Western and Central Europe have been able to compensate for the weaker state of the Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese markets.”

The ŠKODA brand is on top form in Western Europe. In June, the company’s deliveries to customers increased 9.3% to 42,700 (June 2014: 39,100). In the first half of the year, ŠKODA recorded growth of 3.5% to 225,500 vehicles delivered (January to June 2014: 217.900). In Germany, ŠKODA’s strongest European market, the manufacturer’s sales increased by 13.5% to 17,000 vehicles; in the first six months by 5.6% to 80,900 deliveries. This has strengthened ŠKODA’s position as the strongest import brand in this market. ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth rates in the first half of the year in Spain (12,300 vehicles; up 25.0%), Italy (9200 vehicles; up 18.5%), Sweden (7600 vehicles; up 14.9%), Switzerland (10,200 vehicles; plus 11.5%), Ireland (5200 vehicles; up 16.3%) and Portugal (1800 vehicles; up 26.3%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA delivered 7300 vehicles this June (June 2014: 11,100) and 44,000 vehicles to customers in the first six months of 2015 (January to June 2014: 58,700). ŠKODA’s market share in Eastern Europe had increased to 4.6% by the end of June (first half of 2014: 4.2%). On theRussian market, ŠKODA sold 4400 vehicles this June after 7900 in the same month last year (minus 43.9%). Between January and June, the brand’s sales in Russia stood at 28,000 vehicles (January to June 2014: 42,000 vehicles; minus 33.3%). ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth in the first half of 2015 in Romania (4200 vehicles; up 25.9%), Serbia (3000 vehicles; up 10.7%), Bulgaria (1300 vehicles; up 32.7%) and in the Baltic States (3100 vehicles; up 20.0%).

ŠKODA once again achieved strong growth inCentral Europe. Deliveries to customers increased by 14.9% to 15,300 vehicles this June (June 2014: 13,300) and over the first six months of the year by 13.2% to 88,900 vehicles (January to June 2014: 78,600). ŠKODA’s market share in Central Europe had reached 21.3% by the end of June (first half of 2014: 20.3%). On the brand’s home market, the Czech Republic, sales increased 24.3% to 7600 vehicles delivered in June (June 2014: 6200). Over the first six months, ŠKODA’s deliveries increased 22.9% to 42,800 units in the Czech Republic (January to June 2014: 34,800). The manufacturer also recorded double-digit growth over the first six months of 2015 in Hungary (5200 vehicles; up 20.3%) and Slovenia (3000 vehicles; up 15.8%).

In China, ŠKODA recorded a sale increase of 5.8% to 138,300 deliveries in the first half of the year (first half of 2014: 130,700). In June, the brand delivered 20,000 vehicles to customers (June 2014: 23,600; minus 15.2%). ŠKODA also recorded growth in India. In June, deliveries increased by 39.0% to 1300 units (June 2014: 1.000), in the first half of the year by 4.3% to 8000 deliveries (first half of 2014: 7700). ŠKODA more than doubled their sales in Turkey (11,700 vehicles; up 112.0%) and Egypt (5400 vehicles; up 106.5%). The brand recorded growth into the double digits in Israel (10,100 vehicles; up 23.0%), Australia (2400 vehicles; up 30.2%), Taiwan (1400 vehicles; up 41.4%) and New Zealand (600 vehicles; up 30.1%).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in June 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to June 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (38,000; +11.0 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (16,700; -20.5 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (19,000; +28.0 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (9000; -8.1 %)
ŠKODA Superb (6000; -25.8 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (1500; -41.0 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 4400; +8.6 %)

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in the first half of 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to the first half of 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (223,800; +14.9 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (108,100; +5.6 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (91,900; +4.5 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (47,000; -11.2 %)
ŠKODA Superb (38,700; -16.5 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (14,300; -7.9 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 20,600; -8.9 %)
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Streamlined design from the 30s: ŠKODA 935 Dynamic at the Bensberg Classics

​› Style icon: ŠKODA classic with unique streamline design
› Rebirth: 80 years after its world premiere, the ŠKODA 935 Dynamic is to be presented at the Bensberg Classics
› History: Streamlined ŠKODA illustrates Czech designers’ sense of style and technical expertise
› Modern: Optimised aerodynamics and weight reduction in the 30s

​Mladá Boleslav, 14 July 2015 – Exactly 80 years after its dazzling world premiere at the Prague Motor Show in 1935, the unique ŠKODA 935 Dynamic celebrates its return to the exclusive circle of automotive legends with a streamlined body following extensive reconstruction work. The rarity from the Czech Republic is one of the stars at this year’s Bensberg Classics. This is where the ŠKODA 935 Dynamic will be demonstrating the expertise in design and construction of the car manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav.
​In the 1930s, ŠKODA was one of the pioneers in the field of optimizing automotive aerodynamics. One of the fundamental results from this development was the construction of this unique streamlined concept vehicle with additional technical and design innovations. In April 1935, the ŠKODA 935 Dynamic also caused quite a stir at the Prague Motor Show due to its low drag coefficient.

“The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic is a true gem of our brand,” says Michal Velebný, coordinator of the restoration workshop at the ŠKODA Museum. “Given the excellent condition and the completeness of the vehicle, we have been able to faithfully restore one of the highlights of our automotive tradition – including the original colour.”

The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic had a significant influence on the automotive development of its time, and the model represents the design and engineering experimentation of the 1930s. The streamlined body with an elongated rear section was a hallmark feature of fashionable vehicle design. ŠKODA’s developers managed to keep the weight low using a combination of aluminium and steel in the vehicle structure. The placement of the engine was innovative, being positioned under the driven rear axle. The drivetrain consists of a flat, water-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of 1,995 cm3 and an output of 40 kW (55 hp).

The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic is the world’s only surviving example of its type, and has had an eventful history. Immediately after the exhibition, the vehicle went on to serve in research and development. From 1939, it remained part of a private collection for almost 30 years. In 1968, the car was acquired by the newly founded ŠKODA Museum where it was one of the first ten vehicles to join what was a small collection at the time. ŠKODA began restoring the ŠKODA 935 Dynamic to its former glory in 2012.

At this year’s ‘Schloss Bensberg Classics’ (18 and 19 July), ŠKODA will be presenting nine vintage cars: Laurin & Klement Voiturette A (1905), Laurin & Klement Type S (1911), Laurin & Klement 110 (1925), ŠKODA 645 (1930), ŠKODA 935 Dynamic (1935), ŠKODA Rapid Cabrio de Luxe (1937), ŠKODA Superb OHV (1939), ŠKODA Felicia (1961) and the ŠKODA 1100 MBX (1969).

ŠKODA AUTO will be celebrating the company’s 120th anniversary this year, making the brand one of the longest established vehicle producers in the world.  The roots of the company lie in 1895. 120 years ago, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement founded a bicycle-production company together (L&K) in Mladá Boleslav, Bohemia.  Automobile manufacture began in 1905: L&K’s first car was the ‘Voiturette A’. What Laurin and Klement began in 1895 has since grown into an internationally successful volume manufacturer with 7 model series and over 40 model versions.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Just made for dog lovers: ŠKODA offers comprehensive accessories for keeping your dogs safe in the car

​› ŠKODA Genuine Accessories: Practical solutions for travelling with dogs
› 4 paws in the back: from doggie seatbelts to dog guards

​Mladá Boleslav, 17 July 2015 – Summertime means holiday season – the nicest weeks of the year have begun.  ŠKODA now offers practical accessories for dog owners who love to take their four-paw companions on holiday with them in the car. The simply clever range includes everything from seatbelts to pet barriers.

​If your furry family member is sitting in the back, ŠKODA’s practical Backseat Protection will ensure that the upholstery stays clean. Be it in the ŠKODA Citigo or ŠKODA Superb, the protector is large enough to cover the entire backseat and stop hair and dirt from getting on the seats or floor. The solid material of the cover is water-resistant and easily washable. The non-slip surface also increases safety for the animal while the car is moving. The cover is easily fixed in place using hooks and fasteners attached to the front and rear headrests.

Many dog owners appreciate the space and functionality of a ŠKODA estate model. The Trunk grille of the luggage compartment available for the ŠKODA Fabia Estate, Octavia Estate and Superb Estate enable your pet to sit safely in the boot section. This accessory effectively divides the boot into two sections, with the dog in one area and your suitcases and other items in the other. This is both a practical and safe solution. 

The same is true of the Trunk grille, especially designed for the boot of the ŠKODA Fabia Estate and ŠKODA Superb Estate. This vertical guard, positioned directly behind the rear headrests, prevents the dog from climbing over onto the backseat from the boot. This practical solution gives the driver a clear view thanks to its lattice design.

To keep the boot as clean as possible, even when your companions have been playing outdoors, all ŠKODA models are available with tailor-fitted protective mats and inserts.   The Rubber boot Mats is moulded exactly to the shape of the boot-floor and does not have to be specially secured. This mat can easily be removed and cleaned whenever necessary. The ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range also includes a robust Plastic Protective Liner for the boot.

The ŠKODA Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti, Octavia and Octavia Estate come with a double-sided floor covering for the boot on request. One side is covered with carpet, the other side with a dirt and water-repellent material. When travelling with a friend with mucky paws, simply flip it over onto the easy-clean side.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Christopher Froome wins Tour de France – ŠKODA Glass Trophies for Victors

​› Emotions riding high: Trophies made of Czech crystal for Tour winners 
› Commitment: ŠKODA 12th time official partner of Tour de France
› New era: New ŠKODA Superb serves as ‘Red Car’
› Impressive fleet: 250 ŠKODAs serve as shuttle vehicles
› Inspirational: 16 million fans along the route, around 1.5 billion TV viewers

​Mladá Boleslav, 27 July 2015 – Great rejoicing on the Parisian Champs-Elysées: Christopher Froome wins the Tour de France 2015. The Brit celebrated his triumphant finish at the heart of the French capital with hundreds of thousands of fans. At the podium ceremony, Froome and other jersey winners raised their Czech-crystal victory trophies designed by ŠKODA high in the Parisian sky. This year marks the twelfth time that ŠKODA AUTO has sponsored the event as an official partner and the official vehicle partner of the Tour de France.

​ŠKODA Human Resources Director Bohdan Wojnar congratulated the overall winner Christopher Froome, and presented the winner of the Green Jersey, Peter Sagan, with the specially designed green-crystal trophy on the splendid Paris Boulevard. This was the first year the Czech car manufacturer had sponsored the Green Jersey, awarded to the best sprinter in the Tour de France. Nairo Quintana won the White Jersey for best young rider. The trophy for best climber went to the Tour winner Froome wearing the Polka-dot Jersey. All four athletes were presented with trophies made of Czech crystal, designed by ŠKODA and produced in the Czech glassworks of Preciosa.

ŠKODA has been an official partner and the official vehicle partner of the legendary Tour since 2004. For Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing, ŠKODA’s sponsorship was once again a huge success: “Every year, the Tour de France is a major sporting attraction where emotions ride high. For ŠKODA, supporting this fantastic event, exactly 120 years after our company was founded, was an absolute honour.”

One particularly noteworthy aspect of ŠKODA’s sponsorship this year was the premiere of the new ŠKODA Superb as the ‘Red Car’ leading the riders ahead of the race. The red ŠKODA Superb served as a kind of ‘mobile control centre’ for Tour director Christian Prudhomme. For this purpose, the vehicle was fitted with special equipment and a huge panoramic glass roof that can be opened at the touch of a button.

ŠKODA was an ever-present name at the event, the company once again providing a strong fleet of around 250 vehicles including ŠKODA Octavia estates and ŠKODA Superbs. The ŠKODA fleet has been at the heart of ŠKODA’s sponsorship for many years. During the three-week event, the vehicles cover around 2.8 million kilometres every year. Since 2004, the ŠKODA fleet has clocked up around 30 million kilometres. This is where ŠKODA shines with the highest reliability: not once have any of these vehicles broken down.

Cycling is a cornerstone in ŠKODA’s sponsorship strategy. In addition to the Tour de France and the Tour of Spain ('Vuelta'), the car manufacturer supports other international cycling races and numerous international and national grassroots cycling events. Sponsoring cycling events shows the special relationship the brand has with the bicycle. It was with the construction of bicycles that ŠKODA’s founding fathers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement began the company’s success story 120 years ago.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Factory holiday: ŠKODA AUTO to Optimize and Expand Production Facilities

› Two to three-week factory holiday in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí
› ŠKODA AUTO using production downtime to expand and service production facilities
› Kvasiny preparing for production expansion

Mladá Boleslav, 27 July 2015 – Extensive work is to be carried out during the forthcoming factory holiday at ŠKODA’s three production sites in the Czech Republic. ŠKODA will be taking advantage of the two to three-week break to optimize the manufacturing facilities in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. One focus will be on expanding the Kvasiny site where the factory closes between 27 July and 14 August. In Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí, maintenance work will be underway from 3 to 14 August.

“We will be utilizing the production downtime efficiently in order to optimize and adjust our manufacturing facilities. Over the coming weeks, and continuing after the holiday, our focus will be on the planned expansion of the production facilities at the Kvasiny plant,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member for Production and Logistics.

The new generation of the ŠKODA Superb and the ŠKODA Superb Combi have been running off the production lines at the ŠKODA Kvasiny plant since earlier this year. The ŠKODA Yeti compact SUV is also produced at this site. Over the coming years, the site’s production capacity is set to increase to 280,000 vehicles annually. Projects related to this increase will be stepped up during the forthcoming holiday. These projects will include installing new equipment in the paint shop and expanding the production lines in the body shop. The assembly lines are also to be optimized and expanded, and work continues on the construction of a new logistics hall.

During the holiday, the focus of the measures at ŠKODA’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav will be on servicing the equipment on both production lines – MBI and MBII. These two lines will be completely turned around at the start of the work holiday. In addition, some maintenance measures will be implemented in the press shop and body shop. The paint shop will be getting a new cooling zone, and the embossing and assembly equipment in the engine-block line will be modernized.

ŠKODA will be expanding the facilities for DQ-200 gearbox production even further at the Vrchlabí site. ŠKODA has been producing modern direct transmission type DQ-200 at the Vrchlabí plant since 2012. This gearbox is used in ŠKODA models and the vehicles of other brands in the Volkswagen Group. The production capacity is set to increase from 1500 to 2000 gearboxes every day by spring 2016. The necessary preparations will be stepped up during the holiday.

ŠKODA will be making further investments into these projects at the production sites during the factory holiday. These will include modernizing the classrooms at the ŠKODA Vocational School for Mechanical Engineering in Mladá Boleslav during the summer break. A new canteen will also be built for the students there.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA’s Deliveries, Sales revenue and Operating Profit increase in First Half of 2015

​› Record deliveries: 544,300 vehicles; up 4.2%
› Sales revenue to 7.5% to €6.4 billion by the end of June
› Operating profit: €522 million; up 22.8%

​Mladá Boleslav, 30 July 2015 – ŠKODA remains on the road to success. The Czech carmaker’s deliveries, sales revenue and operating profit increased in the first half 2015. Deliveries to customers increased by 4.2% to a record high of 544,300 vehicles between January and June. Sales revenue grew by 7.5% to €6.421 billion, exceeding the six-billion-euro mark for the first time in the first half of a year. Operating profit rose by 22.8% to €522 million compared to the same period last year.

​“ŠKODA has grown profitably over the first half of the year,” explains ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Our broad range of stylish and modern cars has been very well received by customers. The excellent sales developments in Western and Central Europe have compensated for the challenging market situation in Russia, Ukraine and in the last two months in China.” 

ŠKODA’s sales revenue rose over the first half of the year by 7.5% to €6.421 billion (first half of 2014: €5.974 billion). In the same period, the operating profit reached €522 million (first half of 2014: €425 million). This represents an increase of 22.8%. The operating margin reached 8.1% following 7.1% in the first half of 2014. The improvement in earnings was mainly due to mix improvements and the lower cost of materials. Net liquidity reached €2.696 billion. Capital investments amounted to €146 million (January to June 2014: €149 million).

“Amid a partially challenging environment, ŠKODA has once again shown financial strength and profitability in the first half of the year,” says ŠKODA CFO Winfried Krause. “The improved earnings and high net liquidity are a good indication of the company’s financial health. Given the volatile environment and the difficult conditions prevailing in some markets, strict cost discipline remains a core task throughout the organisation.”

ŠKODA AUTO Group – Key figures in the first half of 2015/2014​​

                                                      Units​​        2015​​         2014    Change in %

​Deliveries to customers (DTC)​​        Cars​        544 300​    522 500      +​4,2
DTC without China                         ​Cars​        406 000​    391 800    +​3,6
Production  ​                                   Cars​         398 700​    397 400    +​0,3
Sales  ​                                            ​Cars​        421 300​    425 500​    -1,0
Sales revenue​                           Million EUR​     6 421​       5 974          +​7,5
Operating profit                         ​Million EUR​     522          ​425​         +22,8
Operating profit as % of sales revenue​ %​       8,1​           7,1               ​-
Investments (w/o capit. dev. costs) ​Million EUR   ​146​     149            ​-2,0
Net liquidity                               ​Million EUR      ​2 696​       1 855        +​45,3
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA: 1.5 Million Cars Sold in China

​› Milestone: 1.5 million ŠKODAs delivered in China since 2007
› New era: New ŠKODA Superb available on Chinese market in autumn
› First half of 2015: ŠKODA achieves sales increase of 5.8% in China

​Mladá Boleslav/Shanghai, 5 August 2015 – ŠKODA has achieved another milestone in China: since entering the market in 2007, the Czech car manufacturer has delivered 1.5 million vehicles to customers in the Chinese market. Over the coming years, ŠKODA plans to increase sales to over half a million cars per year in their strongest market worldwide. The new ŠKODA Superb heralds the dawn of a new era for the brand in China.
​Delivering 1.5 million vehicles since 2007 is evidence of ŠKODA’s successful development in China. The manufacturer seeks to grow further over the coming years by introducing new models. The recently launched ŠKODA Fabia and eagerly awaited ŠKODA Superb are set to be key players in this.  The company's aim is to increase the public's awareness of the brand in China, and inspire customers with highly dynamic, modern and emotionally appealing designs.

ŠKODA models have been available on the Chinese market since 2007. Since then, the brand has increased annual sales to 281,400 deliveries most recently in 2014. This represents almost one quarter of ŠKODA’s total sales last year. In the first half of 2015, ŠKODA delivered 138,300 vehicles in the Chinese market – an increase of 5.8% over the same period last year. China has been ŠKODA’s largest individual market since 2010. The manufacturer is building on their close partnership with the Volkswagen Group China and the local partner Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW).

As part of the company’s international growth strategy, the brand has been steadily broadening their range of models available in China over recent years. In 2014, ŠKODA’s product range in China increased to six locally produced model series. ŠKODA’s model range in China includes the Fabia, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Octavia, Yeti and Superb.

2015 marks a highlight in ŠKODA’s current model campaign. The new generation Fabia and Superb herald the dawn of a new era for ŠKODA in China, bringing a new phase of growth. The latest generation of the ŠKODA Fabia has been available since April. This was the first series-produced model from ŠKODA to demonstrate the development of the brand’s new, expressive and modern design language. The new ŠKODA Superb will be taking a further step into the future with its release on the Chinese market in autumn.

ŠKODA’s new flagship is produced for the Chinese market at the SVW plant in Ningbo, southern China. The other SVW locations that also produce ŠKODA models for the Chinese market are Anting and Yizheng.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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The new ŠKODA Superb: Concert Hall on Wheels

​› ŠKODA’s new flagship available with specially developed CANTON sound system
› Top-of-the-range Laurin & Klement; option for ‘Ambition’ and ‘Style’ equipment
› Twelve-speaker surround sound, including subwoofer in the boot
› ŠKODA in partnership with German loudspeaker-manufacturer since 2013

​Mladá Boleslav, 10 August 2015 – Music to your ears: The new ŠKODA Superb has been transformed into a concert hall on wheels with the exclusively developed CANTON sound system. Twelve speakers and an additional amplifier mounted under the driver’s seat provide the perfect sound experience for the brand’s new flagship.

​The sound system developed by loudspeaker-manufacturer CANTON ensures a unique    audio experience in the new ŠKODA Superb. The system offers an impressive power output of 610 watts - the best among any of ŠKODA's direct competitors.

In partnership since 2013, ŠKODA is so far the only vehicle manufacturer to have worked with the German sound specialists at CANTON to provide the sound quality of home entertainment systems in cars. The first result of the exclusive partnership was the multiple award-winning high-end system in the current ŠKODA Octavia.

A total of twelve individual loudspeakers unite in the new ŠKODA Superb for completely balanced sound. Ten are located in the doors (high, mid-high and woofers in the front doors, high and mid-range speakers in the rear doors). A centre speaker is positioned on the dashboard, and a large subwoofer with a 2 x 100-watt output is housed in the boot.

The components are controlled by a 12-channel DSP amplifier, which is installed under the driver’s seat. The abbreviation DSP stands for Digital Signal Processors, with which each speaker’s sound can be adapted to its individual acoustic environment.

A balanced surround sound is created from the harmonious interaction of all components. Precisely tuned to the interior of the ŠKODA Superb and Superb estate, the system captivates its audience with harmonious basses, natural mid-tones and a clear treble. The equalizer, working in four individual modes, ensures perfect tone, be it for enjoying music, hands-free phone conversations or crystal clear navigation instructions. Three sound-distribution presets can shift the focus of the sound to the driver, the front of the car, or to the entire interior. In addition, the sound can be focused on any point in the interior manually. Road noise is also effectively cancelled out dynamically.

The sound experience from the CANTON sound system highlights the performance of the new ŠKODA Superb in terms of infotainment and connectivity. The redesigned flagship offers four completely new infotainment systems based on the Volkswagen Group’s latest MIB technology (modular infotainment matrix). In addition, the new ŠKODA Superb sets standards in networking and Internet connectivity. With optional high-speed Internet (LTE), the new ŠKODA Superb is the first ŠKODA capable of being a mobile hotspot in combination with the top ‘Columbus’ system.

The new ŠKODA Superb saloon has been available on the first markets since mid-June. The market launch for the estate version is set for September in selected regions.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Iconic cars at an iconic rally: six ŠKODAs take their places at the Sachsen Classic 2015

​› ŠKODA is sending six classic cars on the scenic route through Saxony – from the 1926 ŠKODA 430 to the ŠKODA 110 R sports coupé
› 13th Sachsen Classic from 13 to 15 August: 180 teams, 628 km

​Mladá Boleslav, 12 August 2015 – Thanks to thousands of excited spectators, the rally is considered the ‘Mille Miglia of the East’: the Sachsen Classic. ŠKODA has been part of it from the beginning and is sending six ŠKODA classics to the beautiful roads of Saxony. The squad of six historic vehicles from Mladá Boleslav range from the 1926 ŠKODA 430 to the 1978 ŠKODA 110 R. The 13th Sachsen Classic begins on 13 August in Zwickau and finishes on 15 August in Dresden after travelling a total of 628 km. 180 teams will be taking part this year.

​“The Sachsen Classic has been a highlight of our annual classic rally calendar for years,” said Michal Velebný, Restoration Workshop Coordinator at the ŠKODA Museum. “The proximity to the Czech Republic, the wide variety of vehicles, enthusiastic spectators and the scenic route all make this event special for ŠKODA. This year especially because it is our company’s 120th anniversary. We are looking forward to delighting the many ŠKODA fans along the route with real icons from our 120-year history,” said Velebný.

The oldest car among the ŠKODA classics starting in Saxony is the 1926 ŠKODA 430. The car, a steel/wood composite construction, is powered by a 30-PS four-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 1,661 cm3, and accelerates up to 80 km/h.

Two versions of the 1948 ŠKODA 1101 will also be pulling in the attention – one is the yellow convertible and the other a green roadster. The green vehicle was used from April 1948 as part of the Swiss embassy’s vehicle fleet in Prague. The two-door ŠKODA 1101 is known by the name ‘Tudor’ to car enthusiasts. The motorised vehicle, with a 1.1-litre engine and a power output of 32 PS, reaches speeds of up to 100 km/h. From 1946 to 1952, around 80,000 ŠKODA 1101 models rolled off the production line.

A further three ŠKODA classics from the Czech manufacturer’s motorsport history are making an appearance at the Sachsen Classic. A real eye-catcher is the ŠKODA 1000 MB Rallye. Rebuilt at the beginning of the 1990s and based on the 1967 ŠKODA 1000 MB, the rally car took part in the London-Mexico Rally and the Panama-Alaska Rally, among others. The car has a modified 1.3-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine that puts 90 PS to use on the road. Top speed: 170 km/h.

One of the most successful rally cars of the 1970s and 1980s is the legendary ŠKODA 130 RS. Driving the rally car from 1976 in the Sachsen Classic is the multiple German Rally Champion, Matthias Kahle. The 130 RS was a permanent fixture at rallies and races up until the beginning of the 1980s and won the 1981 European Touring Car Championship as well as the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally in the category for cars with up to 1,300 cm3 cylinder capacity. ŠKODA’s presence at the Sachsen Classic is rounded off with the 1978 ŠKODA 110 R coupé that has a 1.1-litre engine and a power output of 52 PS.

The Sachsen Classic is in its 13th year. As is tradition, the event starts Thursday at 12 o’clock noon in the town of Zwickau. A total of 180 participants will cross the start ramp. They can expect a scenic and varied route which stretches over 628 km on Saxony’s stunning roads – and which also includes a quick detour to the Czech Republic (in the Český Jiřetín and Krásná Lípa regions). The finishing line will be crossed in Dresden in front of Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory on Saturday afternoon.

ŠKODA AUTO celebrates its 120-year anniversary this year. This makes the company one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. The brand’s heritage dates back to 1895. At the time, bicycle mechanic Václav Laurin and bookseller Václav Klement founded a factory to manufacture bicycles in the Bohemian town of Mladá Boleslav. They began manufacturing cars in 1905 starting with the ‘Voiturette A’. What Laurin and Klement began in 1895 has now developed into a successful international volume manufacturer with seven model series and 36 model variants. Over 17 million ŠKODA cars produced since 1905 prove the brand’s strength.
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ŠKODA Production in Full Swing after Factory Holiday

​› ŠKODA relaunches production at the three Czech plants
› Production facilities optimized and converted during factory holiday
› Kvasiny site being prepared for planned production conversion

​Mladá Boleslav, 17 August 2015 – Production is again running at full capacity at ŠKODA’s three sites in the Czech Republic after the factory holiday. The manufacturer used the two to three-week production break to optimize and expand the production facilities in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. One particular focus was on the planned plant conversion at Kvasiny.

​Production capacity at the Kvasiny plant is set to increase over the coming years up to 280,000 vehicles annually. The relevant expansion projects were set in motion during the recent factory shutdown. Among other things, ŠKODA installed new equipment in the paint shop, and rebuilt and expanded the production lines for car-body construction. The assembly sections were also modernized and expanded. In addition, work began on the construction of a new logistics hall. These projects will be continuing even after the production restart. The new ŠKODA Superb and the new ŠKODA Superb Estate roll off the production lines at Kvasiny in addition to the compact SUV – the ŠKODA Yeti.

At ŠKODA’s main factory in Mladá Boleslav, ŠKODA focused on the servicing and maintenance of equipment at the two production lines MB I (Octavia) and MB II (Fabia, Rapid) during the factory holiday. This involved running both lines completely empty at the start of the holiday. In addition, maintenance measures were implemented in the press shop and body shop. A new cooling zone was created in the paint shop. Also, in the drivetrain production area, ŠKODA modernized the assembly system in the engine block line.

At the Vrchlabí plant, ŠKODA pressed ahead with the expansion of the production facilities for the DQ 200 gearbox. The site’s production capacity is set to increase from 1500 to 2000 gearboxes per day by spring 2016. ŠKODA has been producing the modern direct-shift type DQ 200 at the Vrchlabí plant since 2012. The gearbox is not only found in ŠKODA models; many other brands in the Volkswagen Group utilize this technology.

ŠKODA made further investments into the projects at the production sites over the holidays.  These included modernizing the classrooms at the ŠKODA Vocational School for Mechanical Engineering in Mladá Boleslav. A new canteen was also built for the students here during the summer holidays.
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ŠKODA - the most dependable car brand in Great Britain

​› ŠKODA takes first place in the J.D Power Dependability Study in Great Britain
› Top overall score for ŠKODA; every ŠKODA model better than the average score; ŠKODA Fabia in third place in the small car category
› Respondents to the survey were the original owners of new cars from the registration period between April 2012 and March 2014

​Mladá Boleslav, 20 August 2015 – ŠKODA is the most dependable car brand in Great Britain. This is the result of J.D. Power’s 2015 Dependability Study. ŠKODA achieves the best overall score; in addition, every ŠKODA model scored better than the sector average.

​In their annual Vehicle Dependability Study, the market research company J.D. Power surveyed owners whose cars were up to three years old on their experiences with the vehicle. The recently published survey is based on responses from owners of new vehicles registered between April 2012 and March 2014. The ranking is based on the number of problems per 100 vehicles – the lower the value, the better.

2015 results: ŠKODA causes fewer problems than any other brand. With a score of 77, the Czech brand clearly sits below the sector average of 114. All individual ŠKODA models are below the sector average. The new ŠKODA Fabia was awarded third place in the small car segment.

Winning the well-respected J.D. Power Dependability Study once again highlights how well ŠKODA is being received by customers in Great Britain. This year, the British consumer organisation ‘Which?’ chose the ŠKODA Superb Combi as the best mid-size car and the ŠKODA Yeti as the best compact SUV. At the beginning of the year, the new ŠKODA Fabia won three categories at the ‘What Car?’ awards: Car of the Year, Best Small Car and Best Family Car.

During the first seven months of 2015, ŠKODA delivered more than 41.000 vehicles to customers, the same high level of sales as in the previous year. In 2014, the brand set a new sales record with 76,000 deliveries in the United Kingdom. Great Britain is the second-largest market for ŠKODA in Western Europe and the fourth-largest market for ŠKODA worldwide.
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ŠKODA Employee Donations: Millions for Charity

​› 2014/2015: 1.3 million Czech crowns in ŠKODA employee donations – ŠKODA doubles contributions to 2.6 million crowns
› Supporting organizations in education, childcare, barrier-free mobility and traffic safety, as well as a children’s home in India
› Corporate Social Responsibility: ŠKODA promotes community projects in Czech Republic with around 5.2 million crowns in 2015 alone
› Employees’ and company’s strong commitment to the community

​Mladá Boleslav, 21 August 2015 – Strong commitment: ŠKODA AUTO employees have raised 1.3 Czech crowns in donations for selected projects in 2014 and 2015. Honouring a prior agreement, the company matched the total amount raised, doubling the contributions to 2.6 million crowns. These funds will be going to charitable projects in the Czech Republic in the areas of childcare, education, barrier-free mobility and road safety. In addition, one fifth of ŠKODA’s contribution will be going to a children’s home in India. The car manufacturer also supported selected community projects in the Czech Republic, donating 5.2 million crowns this year alone as part of their comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

​ŠKODA employees have been conducting annual fundraising events at ŠKODA’s production sites in the Czech Republic since January 2014. This is a joint initiative between the company and the KOVO trade union. The contributions, which were made on a voluntary basis this year and last and subsequently doubled by the company, will be going to organizations that have been chosen by the ŠKODA workforce. The majority of the donations will be going to the following institutions: Člověk v tísni (People in Need), Život dětem (Life for Children), Linka bezpečí (Safety Helpline) Helppes (Guide Dogs) and Bezpečně na silnicích (Safety on the Roads), and to the Vasantrao Naik orphanage in Aurangabad, India.

“Our employees show tremendous commitment to the community with these donations. The company gladly strengthens the initiative by doubling the funds raised by our staff, and I am very pleased that we’re able to support such great projects together,” says ŠKODA Board Member for HR Bohdan Wojnar.

450,000 crowns will be going to Život dětem (Life for Children) – an organization involved in helping children in emergencies. Another organisation active in helping children and youth is Linka bezpečí (Safety Helpline), who will be receiving 160,000 crowns in donations. More than 110,000 crowns will be going to the organization Bezpečně na silnicích (Safety on the Roads) – a group who organises road-safety projects. ŠKODA has been a long-time partner of this organization. The same is true of Člověk v tísni (People in Need) – an educational initiative for children from socially disadvantaged families. Around 450,000 crowns will go to help this organization. 750,000 crowns will be donated to the training centre for service dogs for people with disabilities – the charitable group Helppes (Guide Dogs). The children’s home in Vasantrao Naik in Aurangabad, India will be receiving 260,000 crowns.

ŠKODA also provides comprehensive support to other non-profit initiatives in the Czech Republic as part of the company’s sustainable CSR policy. In 2015 alone, the manufacturer donated 5.2 million crowns for various projects throughout the country. 

ŠKODA’s CSR measures centre on four key areas: road safety, technical training, child welfare and barrier-free mobility. The company is also involved in environmental protection by actively supporting the regions where ŠKODA has production facilities.  In addition, ŠKODA is a major sponsor of cultural events in the Czech Republic.
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Enthusiasm for cycling: ŠKODA is sponsoring the Vuelta Tour of Spain

​› ŠKODA has been the official sponsor of La Vuelta since 2011
› New: ŠKODA is sponsoring the Green Jersey in the Spanish cycling tour for the first time
› The new ŠKODA Superb is the official ‘Red Car’; 70 ŠKODA vehicles used
› Communication: ‘’ and ‘’
› Tradition: ŠKODA’s history started 120 years ago with the building of bicycles

​Mladá Boleslav, 22 August 2015 – A few weeks after the Tour de France, ŠKODA is supporting the next big cycling event. This year is the fifth time that the Czech car manufacturer has been the official sponsor of the Spanish cycling tour (La Vuelta). 70 ŠKODA vehicles will be used, including the new Superb’s debut as the ‘Red Car’ leading the way. Another premiere: ŠKODA is sponsoring the Green Jersey for the Vuelta’s best sprinter for the first time. The Spanish cycling tour takes place from 22 August to 13 September.

​The Vuelta a España is the third-largest tour of the year in European sport. After the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, the Spanish tour is the most important race in the world. The 21 stages of the 70th Vuelta begin on 22 August with a team time trial in Marbella and end on 13 September in the Spanish capital Madrid. 

“The Vuelta attracts millions of people worldwide every year just like the Tour de France,” said Werner Eichhorn, Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “This year we are delighted to be sponsoring the Green Jersey at the very front of the race. Another highlight is, of course, the new Superb’s role as ‘Red Car’,” said Eichhorn. At the beginning of the year, ŠKODA extended its sponsorship of La Vuelta and the Tour de France up to 2018. The agreement also covers other international cycling events.

Once again, ŠKODA is providing a strong vehicle fleet for this cycling competition in Spain. Over the next three weeks, 70 vehicles from Mladá Boleslav – primarily ŠKODA Octavia Combis and ŠKODA Superbs – will be used as escort vehicles around the clock.

Since the start of ŠKODA’s sponsorship in 2011, all organisers and participants of the Spanish tour have been able to count on ŠKODA’s reliable fleet. The vehicles cover approximately half a million kilometres during the ‘Vuelta’. The cars have been used for around 2.5 million kilometres – and all this without as much as one mechanical failure.
Over the coming weeks, the ‘Red Car’ will, in particular, be a real eye-catcher as it leads the field – the new ŠKODA Superb, the brand’s new flagship will impress with an emotive design, the best space offering within its segment and excellent technology. During the tour, the red ŠKODA Superb acts as a kind of ‘mobile control centre’ for the event organisers of the Vuelta. The new Superb has been sprayed Corrida Red for this special task and is fitted with a huge panoramic glass roof that can be opened from the rear with the press of a button. In addition, the Superb is extensively fitted out with technical equipment.

ŠKODA Spain is increasing the company’s sponsorship with a vast publicity campaign. ŠKODA’s website ‘’ offers live reports, videos and a variety of information relating to the wide world of cycling. ŠKODA is also very active on social media at

Cycling is a cornerstone of ŠKODA’s sponsorship strategy. In addition to the Tour de France and the Vuelta Spanish cycling tour, the car manufacturer supports other international cycling events as well as numerous national and international events in cycling at a grassroots level. Furthermore, bicycles and their relevant accessories are amongst ŠKODA’s extended product range.

Cycling sponsorship highlights the special relationship between the brand and the bicycle. 120 years ago, ŠKODA’s founding fathers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement began the company from Mladá Boleslav’s successful history with the construction of bicycles.
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ŠKODA deliveries in July at a stable high

​› ŠKODA delivers 82,800 vehicles to customers (July 2014: 82,800)
› ŠKODA grows in Western and Central Europe; India also strengthens
› Top: double-digit growth for the Fabia and Superb hatchbacks in Western Europe
› Eastern Europe and China remain challenging

​Mladá Boleslav, 24 August 2015 – This July, ŠKODA delivered 82,800 vehicles to customers worldwide, which matched last July’s record sales level. There have been significant increases in Western and Central Europe as well as in India. The new-generation ŠKODA Fabia and Superb have been excellently received. In Western Europe, the Fabia has increased by 54.9 per cent and the Superb hatchback by 102 per cent.

​“Despite the difficult market climate in Russia and in China, ŠKODA’s sales figures in July were as high as in the same period last year. In Western and Central Europe, there was significant growth which balances out the declining trends in other regions,” said Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

Sales in Western Europe were particularly strong in July. Deliveries grew by 7.3 per cent to 35,800 vehicles (July 2014: 33,400). In Germany, ŠKODA sales increased by 8.8 per cent to 13,000 vehicles (July 2014: 12,000) and reinforced its position as the number one car importer. The brand saw double-digit growth in several markets: Spain(2,100 vehicles; up 33 per cent), Ireland (1,700 vehicles; up 49.8 per cent), Switzerland (1,800 vehicles; up 26.9 per cent), Italy (1,500 vehicles, up 25.9 per cent) and Sweden (1,300 vehicles; up 27.4 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA delivered 7,000 vehicles in July (July 2014: 10,400; down 32.7 per cent). The decline is a result of the weak general market conditions in Russia and Ukraine. In Russia, ŠKODA sold 4,200 vehicles compared to 7,100 sold in July 2014 (a decline of 40.8 per cent). A double-digit increase was seen in Romania (900 vehicles; an increase of 19.9 per cent) and Bulgaria (200 vehicles; an increase of 44.1 per cent).

ŠKODA saw significant growth in July within Central Europe. Sales increased by 22.2 per cent to 14,500 cars (July 2014: 11,900 cars), the market share increased to 19.9 per cent in July. In the home market of the Czech Republic, ŠKODA deliveries increased by 38.8 per cent to 7,700 deliveries (July 2014: 5,600). Growth was also seen in Slovakia (1,600 vehicles; up 13.6 per cent) and Hungary (800 vehicles; up 22.0 per cent), representing double-digit growth rates.

The situation was challenging in China. In July, ŠKODA sold 18,400 vehicles in China (July 2014: 21,100; down 12.7 per cent). ŠKODA once again experienced growth in India. The brand delivered 1,200 vehicles in July, which corresponds to an increase of 7.4 per cent compared to July of the previous year (1,100 vehicles). ŠKODA saw a double-digit increase in Turkey (1,800 vehicles; an increase of 71.4 per cent), in Israel (1,800 vehicles; an increase of 29.3 per cent) and in Egypt (500 vehicles; an increase of 72.4 per cent).

Deliveries of the ŠKODA brand to customers in July 2015 (in units, rounded, by model; +/- in per cent compared to the same month of the previous year):

ŠKODA Octavia (34,200; +15.5 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (17,900; +44.3 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (13,800; -29.3 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (7,900; -3.0 %)
ŠKODA Superb (4,900; -35.0 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (800; -67.9 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 3,500; +4.8 %)
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ŠKODA Flagship Awarded 'Best of Best' by German Design Award Council

​› ŠKODA Superb wins top award in ‘Automotive Brand Contest’ in the ‘Exterior Volume Brand’ category
› ŠKODA begins a new design era with the ŠKODA Superb
› The brand’s flagship combines modern, expressive and emotional design language with functionality typical of ŠKODA
› ‘Automotive Brand Contest’ by the German Design Council honours outstanding product and communications design in the automotive industry

​Mladá Boleslav, 24 August 2015 – Thanks to its precise, expressive and emotive design, the new ŠKODA Superb has been awarded ‘Best of Best’ in the ‘Exterior Volume Brand’ category of the ‘Automotive Brand Contest 2015’. This decision was made by the jury of the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung). ŠKODA will be presented with this top award on 15 September at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. After the ŠKODA Octavia (2013) and Rapid Spaceback (2014), the new ŠKODA Superb is the third of the Czech manufacturer’s models to receive an award in this international design competition for automotive brands.

​The new ŠKODA Superb demonstrates the emotional strength of the brand with its new design. ŠKODA cars have always won over customers with high functionality, reliability and the best value for money. ŠKODA is emphasising these qualities with the new Superb’s modern, expressive and emotive style. ŠKODA’s new design language shows sovereignty, dynamic elegance and balanced proportions.

“The all-new, third-generation ŠKODA Superb is a saloon full of speed, class and passion. The appearance of the new Superb is powerful, confident and emotional. The wheelbase has increased by 80 mm, at the same time the front overhang has been shortened by 61 mm. This new architecture makes the vehicle both elegant and dynamic,” says ŠKODA Chief Designer Jozef Kabaň. “From the front to the rear, from the large wheels to the gently sloping roofline, the new model stands out with clear geometry, strikingly chiselled surfaces, sculptural shapes, purist precision and elegant lines.”  Crystalline elements run from the exterior to the interior in the smallest details, such as the red threading running both inside and out. At the same time, the new Superb boasts improved functional virtues and even more space.

“A great car, combining elegance and solidity, aesthetics and practicality, pride of ownership and reasonable maintenance costs while maintaining a high resale value,” explains a German Design Council jury member. “An interesting combination that it has not often given in this form.” The initiator and organizer of the 'Automotive Brand Contest' is the independent German Design Council – one of the world's leading competence centres for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design. The organisation was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag, to strengthen the design expertise of the German economy. Their task is to communicate the sustained increase in brand value through the strategic use of design. Over 200 companies belong to the circle of trustees.

With eleven different categories and four special categories, the rating classes in the 'Automotive Brand Contest' cover the entire design spectrum. These range from vehicle design for premium and volume brands, brand design and multimedia networking to campaigns and events. The international, independent expert jury in 2015 consisted of six representatives from the media, design, brand communications and universities.
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