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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA LittleDriver App: Cool cruising for kids on tablets

› New ŠKODA app: interactive learning game teaches driving basics during car journeys
› Clever: children imitate real driving behaviour with the new app
› Connected: SmartGate combines the app with real vehicle data
› Learning made fun: road traffic safety
› ŠKODA LittleDriver app is compatible with Android and iOS devices

Mladá Boleslav, 13 October 2015 – Enjoy learning the basics of driving in a fun way – the clever ŠKODA LittleDriver app makes this all possible from the back seat. With the newly developed ŠKODA app, children sitting in the rear can imitate the driver’s actions using a tablet. The highlight: thanks to the new ŠKODA SmartGate interface, the app works with real data from the car. SmartGate is currently available in the ŠKODA Fabia, Octavia, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti and Superb models.

The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is fully interactive: children can copy the actions of the real driver and collect points when they are correct. Steering, acceleration, turning, braking – everything that the driver does, the player can imitate on a tablet in real time, giving rear passengers a virtual front row seat. The target group for the new app is children between nine and twelve years old.
In combination with SmartGate, the ŠKODA LittleDriver app is connected to the car’s infotainment system and can access a wealth of live vehicle data. Information such as speed, fuel level, brake status or oil pressure is displayed in real time on the tablet, and the ‘LittleDriver’ can use them for their virtual car journey.

Whilst playing, the user on the rear seat feels as if they were behind the wheel of the real vehicle. From the realistic sound of starting the engine to parking and turning off the engine – you are in the midst of the action. At the end of the game, the player is awarded points for the correct actions during the virtual journey. These points can be used to design the player’s own virtual ŠKODA, which can be configured individually in the app.

The range of virtual cars is versatile and attractive. A total of ten cars can be configured, including the spectacular Coupé design study ‘ŠKODA VisionC’, the legendary 1960 ŠKODA Felicia convertible and the current ŠKODA Octavia RS. There are four different car views, two specifications, seven body colours, three wheel designs and three decals to choose from for each model.
An important part of the ŠKODA LittleDriver app is the theme of road traffic safety: it is about correct behaviour in road traffic which earns bonus points, yet at the same time itis an interactive way of learning the important rules of the road. There is an extra menu where children can learn lots about safe conduct on the road by answering questions on road safety in a total of ten categories. Instant feedback is provided: any wrong answer leads to an extra unit of theory.

The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is another example of the increasing importance of connectivity in the vehicle. ŠKODA uses the SmartLink and SmartGate interfaces. SmartLink allows the use of smartphone apps on the display of the infotainment system, and SmartGate works the other way around; certain vehicle data can be displayed in apps on a smartphone or tablet. SmartGate can display around 40 different vehicle parameters. For safety reasons, the user should change the respective safety password after the first activation of the SmartGate interface.

The ŠKODA LittleDriver app is available for free download online for tablets compatible with iOS or Android.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland leaves Volkswagen Group

​Mladá Boleslav, 14 October 2015 – After 25 years of successful work in Volkswagen Group, most recently as Chairman of ŠKODA, Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland is leaving the company at his own request. Prof. Vahland will therefore not be taking up the position of overall responsibility for the North American Region (NAR). Differing views on the organisation of the new Group region have led to this decision; this decision is expressly not related to current events on the issue of diesel engines.

​Prof. Vahland began his work in Volkswagen Group in 1990. After holding several key positions at home and abroad, he took over Group responsibility as President and CEO of Volkswagen in China in 2005 and contributed significantly to the successful new direction of Volkswagen in China. He was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of ŠKODA in 2010. Under his leadership, ŠKODA implemented the largest growth and model campaign in the brand’s history and positioned ŠKODA sustainably as a successful international high-volume brand.

The CEO of Volkswagen Group, Matthias Müller emphasised: “In the last 25 years, Prof. Vahland made a great contribution to the company. We respect his decision and thank him for his exceptional performance.”
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA Show Car ‘Superb Black Crystal’ Shines with Stardust

› ŠKODA show car ‘Superb Black Crystal’ reinterprets Superb saloon
› Highlights include StarDust® wheel rims
› Show car is the result of artistic collaboration with glassworks PRECIOSA

Mladá Boleslav, 21 October 2015 – The Czech car manufacturer reiterates their attention to detail, introducing the ŠKODA ‘Superb Black Crystal’: In cooperation with the renowned glassworks PRECIOSA, the brand has reinterpreted the details of the ŠKODA Superb saloon.

One highlight of the ŠKODA ‘Superb Black Crystal’ show car is the unique finish to the wheel rims, which have been coated in StarDust®. This finish involves resurfacing the wheel rims with small, bright crystals. This gives the brand’s new show car a sensational look. In the summer, the same coating finish was used by the ŠKODA design team to create the Tour de France winner trophies. The ŠKODA logo on the front and rear, on the wheels and the steering wheel are also made of high quality crystal. Even the Laurin & Klement emblem is highlighted in crystal elements on the steering wheel.

“The new ŠKODA Superb stands out with its expressive, emotional design and great attention to detail. This claim is further demonstrated in ŠKODA’s new show car – the ‘Superb Black Crystal’. Through precision-processed glass crystals, the show car looks like an item of jewellery only to be worn on special occasions,” says ŠKODA Chief Designer Josef Kabaň.

ŠKODA’s new ‘Superb Black Crystal’ show car will be celebrating its premiere at the Designblok 2015, during Czech Design and Fashion Week, starting tomorrow in Prague.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA Celebrates 110 Years of Automobile Production in Mladá Boleslav
27.10.2015 | category: History

​› 29 October 1905: Premiere of the Voiturette A – the first automobile from ŠKODA’s predecessor company Laurin & Klement (L&K)
› Foundation for one of the most traditional carmakers in the world
› More than 17 million ŠKODA and Laurin & Klement automobiles produced and sold to date

​Mladá Boleslav, 27 October 2015 – This year, ŠKODA will not only be celebrating 120 years of corporate history, but also 110 years of automobile production. In 1905 company founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement (L&K) presented their first automobile: the legendary Voiturette A. That year, the publication of the first official photos in the 29 October edition of the ‘Allgemeinen Automobil-Zeitung’ journal is considered the birth of the automobile.

​“We are proud of 110 years of car manufacturing in Mladá Boleslav,” says ŠKODA Board Member Bohdan Wojnar. “Bohemia is one of the cradles of the automobile. With expertise, courage and energy, Laurin and Klement laid the foundation for ŠKODA’s future success story. The cars made in the Czech Republic by ŠKODA enjoy an excellent reputation around the world.”

In 1905, a decade after establishing the L&K bicycle factory and six years after the first L&K motorcycle was built, L&K made the leap to automobile production with the small 7-horsepower vehicle. The French term Voiturette means little cart or small car. Shortly after the first photos had been published and the initial test-drives, the cars went on sale. What began in 1905 with the Voiturette A has since evolved into an internationally successful volume manufacturer with around 40 model versions. Selling over 17 million ŠKODA cars since 1905 proves the strength of the brand.

The construction of the Voiturette A followed the then modern building principle with an engine radiator mounted in front of the engine and an inclined steering column. A water-cooled, 7-hp (5.2 kW) two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1,005 cm3 provided the power. The top speed was around 40 km/h. The transmission had three gears and one reverse gear, the clutch was lined with leather. The vehicle weighed approximately half a tonne. L&K produced at least 44 copies of the type Voiturette A.

A long held dream had come true for Václav Laurin and Václav Klement with their first self-constructed automobile. A few years earlier, the two entrepreneurs had engaged in private automobile production. In an L&K motorcycle catalogue dating back to 1900 was written: “Laurin & Klement – bicycle, motorcycle and automobile factory Slavia, Mladá Boleslav (Bohemia)”. In Prague July 1900, L&K introduced a so-called 'quadricycle' – a vehicle on four wheels, where the passenger sat in front and slightly lower than the driver. Time and again, two-track vehicles were assembled from motorcycles then tested. At the Vienna Motor Show in 1901, L&K presented one of these vehicles with a steering wheel instead of handlebars for the first time. In-house photos from 1902 show a drawing of an automobile in the Mladá Boleslav factory halls. There is also one image dating back to 1903 of Václav Klement at the factory gates sitting at the wheel of an automobile. 

1905: The breakthrough

In 1905 the breakthrough came: L&K’s first automobile was introduced to the public. The company had already caused quite a stir with a two-cylinder V-engine at the Prague Motor Show in April of the same year. It became clear on this occasion that the first automobile from Mladá Boleslav would not be too long in the making.

The first photos of the new invention were published in the 29-October edition of the Allgemeinen Automobil-Zeitung. It was also here that the name Voiturette first appeared. The same photo, supplemented with additional details, was also published on the front page of the Czech weekly magazine ‘Sport a Hry’ (‘Sport and Games’) at the end of 1905.
The Voiturette A marked the beginning of successful automotive production in Mladá Boleslav. Today, ŠKODA production plants in the Czech Republic are in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. In addition, ŠKODA vehicles run off the production lines at a number of international manufacturing locations, including China, India and Russia.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA Records Profitable Growth in First Nine Months of 2015 – Deliveries, Sales revenue and Operating Profit Increase

​› ŠKODA deliveries increase 2.2% to 791,500 vehicles
› Sales revenue increases 5.7% to EUR 9.3 billion by end of September
› Operating profit improves 12.7% to EUR 734 million

​Mladá Boleslav, 29 October 2015 – The Czech automobile manufacturer ŠKODA remains on the road to success and continues to grow profitably. In the first nine months of this year, deliveries to customers increased by 2.2% to 791,500 vehicles worldwide. During the same period, the sales revenue increased by 5.7% to EUR 9.3 billion. Operating profit rose significantly to EUR 734 million, representing an increase of 12.7% compared to the same period last year.

​“With regard to deliveries, ŠKODA has made good progress over the last nine months, with deliveries slightly above last year’s record level,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “This solid increase in sales revenue and earnings shows that our attractive model range continues to strike a chord with our customers on the international markets,” adds CFO Winfried Krause.

In the first nine months of 2015, ŠKODA’s sales revenue amounted to EUR 9.3 billion. This represents an increase of 5.7% compared to the same period last year (January to September 2014: EUR 8.8 billion). Operating profit grew by 12.7% to EUR 734 million (January to September 2014: EUR 651 million). Mix effects and improved material costs contributed to the increase in earnings. In addition, exchange rates had a positive impact on the operating profit.

By the end of September 2015, the operating margin stood at 7.9% – above last year's figure of 7.4%. Net liquidity rose 32.3% to EUR 3.0 billion. Capital investment reached EUR 277 million (January to September 2014: EUR 362 million).

“ŠKODA continues to grow profitably,” emphasised Winfried Krause. “The increase in operating profit is an expression of our financial soundness and strength.”

This positive development shows the company’s financial strength, and is the financial basis for the continuation of ŠKODA’s model campaign, to which the latest generation ŠKODA Superb belongs. The Superb saloon was released on the market in the third quarter. The Superb Combi will be launched on the first eleven European markets in September.

ŠKODA AUTO Group Key figures from January to September 2015: 
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Successful Compact SUV: 500,000 ŠKODA Yetis Produced at Kvasiny

​› Successful model: ŠKODA Yeti one of the most popular compact SUVs
› Versatile: Two versions, front- and all-wheel drive, Monte Carlo version
› Investments: ŠKODA modernizing and expanding plant Kvasiny
› International: ŠKODA Yeti production in Europe, China, Russia and India

​Mladá Boleslav/Kvasiny, 29 October 2015 – 500,000th ŠKODA Yeti rolled off the ŠKODA production line in Kvasiny at the end of October. The milestone vehicle is a ŠKODA Yeti Monte Carlo in the colour Corrida Red. The ŠKODA Yeti is one of the most popular compact Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in the world.

​“Achieving a production figure of half a million ŠKODA Yetis is yet another milestone for the Kvasiny plant”, says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member for Production and Logistics. “Since its introduction, the Yeti has delighted customers in Europe and on the international markets. We owe this success not least to the team in Kvasiny. It is with their technical skills, their expertise and the highest commitment that they essentially shape the excellent reputation of the plant. Over the next few years, Kvasiny’s production volume will increase significantly. SUV production is going to play an important role in this.” 

The Czech car manufacturer celebrated their premiere in the SUV segment in 2009 with the ŠKODA Yeti.  The Yeti quickly became one of the most successful vehicles in its class.

In 2013, the ŠKODA Yeti was completely redesigned, and has since been available in two individual design versions: the smart ŠKODA Yeti for the city, and the adventurous ŠKODA Yeti for the great outdoors.  Both versions of the ŠKODA Yeti score with expressive designs, fresh interiors, attractive 'Simply Clever' ideas, highest functionality and enhanced engine/gearbox combinations.

Both versions of the Yeti are available with front- and all-wheel drive. The modern 4x4 drive has outstanding off-road characteristics, offering maximum all-wheel functionality in combination with the Yeti’s proven qualities. The ŠKODA Yeti Monte Carlo has been available since 2014, extending the Yeti range with a sporty version.

In addition to the production in Kvasiny, the ŠKODA Yeti runs off the production lines in in China and Russia. In China, the Yeti is produced locally at the Shanghai Volkswagen plant as an extended version for the Chinese market. In Russia, production of the compact SUV is carried out in corporation with the Russian manufacturer GAZ Group at the Nizhniy Novgorod plant.

Kvasiny is one of ŠKODA’s three production plants in the Czech Republic. In addition to the ŠKODA Yeti, the ŠKODA Superb and Superb Combi models currently run off the assembly lines here. In 2014, 166,200 ŠKODA vehicles were produced at Kvasiny. Around 4,500 employees are currently employed here, making it one of the largest industrial employers in the Hradec Králové region. The automobile factory was founded some 81 years ago, and ŠKODA cars have been manufactured there since 1947.

The Kvasiny plant is currently undergoing the most extensive modernization and expansion project in the history of the site. Over the next few years, the production capacity of the East-Bohemian region is set to increase by up to 280,000 vehicles per year.  There are also plans to create up to 1300 additional jobs. ŠKODA will be investing around seven billion Czech crowns into the development project.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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New Era: New ŠKODA Superb Launched in China

​› Market launch of the new ŠKODA Superb: Milestone for ŠKODA in China
› Third generation Superb demonstrates ŠKODA’s design and emotion
› Success model: 218,000 ŠKODA Superbs sold in China since 2009
› Growth target: Delivering 500,000 ŠKODAs per year in China 
› China: ŠKODA’s largest market; over 1.5 million ŠKODAs delivered since 2007

​Mladá Boleslav/Shanghai, 30 October 2015 – Dawn of a new era for ŠKODA in China: Four months after its sales debut in Europe, the new ŠKODA Superb is rolling out to customers on the Chinese market. ŠKODA’s completely redesigned flagship is the highlight of the brand’s most comprehensive model campaign to date. Over the next few years, ŠKODA plans to grow further and increase sales in China to over half a million cars per year.

​Expressive design, impressive engineering and the best space in its class: the new ŠKODA Superb is setting standards in its segment. Based on innovative MQB technology, the now third generation of ŠKODA’s top model has reached a new level in terms of safety, comfort, connectivity and eco-friendliness, moving to the upper end of the automotive mid-class.

“The launch of the new ŠKODA Superb in our strongest individual market China is a key milestone for the brand, emphasising our growth claim in China,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “The new ŠKODA Superb is a demonstration of the increased emphasis the brand is placing on the design and emotionality of our cars. It is with this focus that we intend to win over new customers in China and further strengthen our position over the coming years.”

The new ŠKODA Superb is an impressive combination of the brand’s proven qualities, such as functionality and space, and emotive aesthetics and innovative MQB technology. The newly launched flagship has all the qualities to continue and build upon the success of the previous generation. Since the car’s launch in 2009, 218,000 Superbs have been delivered to customers in China. 

For China, ŠKODA’s new flagship is produced at the Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) factory Nanjing. Other SVW locations, at which ŠKODA models are manufactured for the Chinese market, include those at Anting (Shanghai), Yizheng and Ningbo. SVW has been a close business partner to the brand since ŠKODA entered the market in 2007. Since then, ŠKODA has sold over 1.5 million vehicles in China, and has progressively expanded their locally produced model range.  In 2014, the automaker sold 281,400 vehicles on the Chinese market, which represents almost a quarter of ŠKODA’s total sales last year. Over the first nine months of 2015, ŠKODA delivered 199,700 cars in China (an increase of 0.7% compared to the same period in 2014).

The new ŠKODA Superb has been available on the European market since June this year. With great success: In September alone, sales of the ŠKODA Superb saloons in Western Europe increased 122.1% compared to September 2014.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Bernhard Maier new ŠKODA CEO

​› Bernhard Maier announced as ŠKODA’s new CEO as of 1 November 2015
› Maier succeeds Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland
› Maier: “ŠKODA has an excellent base from which to continue the impressive success story over the years to come”

​Mladá Boleslav, 2 November 2015 – Bernhard Maier took over as the ŠKODA brand’s new Chief Executive Officer on 1 November 2015. The former Sales and Marketing Director at Porsche AG succeeds Prof. Dr. hc Winfried Vahland, who after 25 successful years in the Group – including five years as ŠKODA CEO – is leaving the Volkswagen Group at his own request.

​As the new CEO, Bernhard Maier (55) will systematically pursue ŠKODA’s dynamic development. “I am proud to work for this large, traditional and well-respected company. I am pleased to be joining a great team,” says Maier. “This company is an outstanding representative of the importance of the Czech Republic and Bohemia as one of the cradles of European automobile manufacturing. The people from this region have an excellent reputation around the world for their craftsmanship and engineering skills. ŠKODA has grown impressively over recent years with a remarkable number of new vehicle launches. The company has a stable base for further successful development. It is my great task to take the brand forward alongside a highly dedicated team. We plan to continue on this road to success and expand ŠKODA’s market position and brand strength with new models,” explains ŠKODA’s new CEO.

Born in Schwäbisch Gmünd, the ‘thoroughbred car man’ was responsible for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG until recently. In this capacity, Bernhard Maier drove the company’s international growth and the professionalization of the Porsche sales organization forward sustainably. Under his leadership in Sales and Marketing, Porsche’s brand value and customer satisfaction increased significantly. With the expansion of Porsche’s model range and a consistent internationalization strategy, Maier took Porsche’s sales to a new level.

Maier has been passionate about cars since childhood. After completing his apprenticeship as a car mechanic, he graduated top of his class in all disciplines as a master mechanic in 1984. Afterwards, he studied business administration in Calw. After spending two years in positions at computer manufacturer Nixdorf, and Wallhäuser the equipment company, he returned to the automotive industry in 1988. Maier assumed several managerial positions at BMW in Germany and abroad over the following years. In June 2001, he joined Porsche where he led the business operations of Porsche Deutschland. From 2010, Bernhard Maier was the Board Member for Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG in Stuttgart.

Winfried Vahland is leaving the company at his own request after 25 years of successful work in the Volkswagen Group. He was CEO of ŠKODA from September 2010.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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Energy-efficient and Innovative: ŠKODA Builds New Press Shop in Mladá Boleslav

​› Start of construction: New press shop hall at ŠKODA’s main factory
› Innovation: First ŠKODA press line for body panels made of aluminium
› New turbo press line PXL 2 goes into operation early 2017
› Environment and efficiency: Low power consumption, short changeover times
› Investment: Around €86 million on technology, construction & infrastructure

​Mladá Boleslav, 5 November 2015 – ŠKODA is building a new, energy-efficient press shop at their main factory in Mladá Boleslav. Construction work has now begun on the M4 hall.  In spring 2016, ŠKODA will be installing a new, ultra-modern servo press line in the new hall that will be able to press body panels made of aluminium for the first time.  The new facility is expected to go into operation in February 2017. ŠKODA is investing around €86 million into the project.

​By constructing the new press shop, ŠKODA is implementing a key measure to make their production more modern, environmentally friendly and efficient. Just two years ago, ŠKODA launched the PXL 1 servo press line at the Mladá Boleslav plant. 

The servo press line PXL 2 will be able to compress large aluminium parts extremely energy-efficiently while also being easy to operate. By recovering the energy released during pressing, the new press line consumes up to 15 percent less energy compared to conventional systems in continuous operation.

“The new press shop will be making our production a great deal more environmentally friendly, efficient and forward looking,” explains Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member responsible for Production and Logistics. “Just like the PXL 1, the new facility will make a significant contribution to sustainable production at Mladá Boleslav. We would also like to thank the KOVO trade union for their support in the construction of the new press shop.”

The total investments into the new press shop amount to €86.4 million. Now that the old M4 building has successfully been demolished, the construction of the new M4 hall is expected to be complete by mid-2016. €19.5 million euros will be invested solely in the infrastructure and reconstruction of the 11,600-m2 hall. The construction of the new line PXL 2 will then begin in the spring of 2016. Commissioning is scheduled for February 2017. ŠKODA is investing almost €55 million into modern press technology.

The new facility is going to be one of the most modern of its kind in Central Europe. 14 decentralized servomotors will ensure the whole line runs smoothly.  The individual processes on the PXL-line can be adjusted much more flexibly than previously, by means of a large motor-driven press system. The changeover times are also impressive: tools can be changed in just three minutes. By comparison, even the end of the 1990s, it took around 15 minutes for a tool change, i.e. five times as long.
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA delivers 88,500 vehicles in October

​› ŠKODA records growth in Central Europe, India and China
› European sales of ŠKODA Fabia and ŠKODA Superb increase in double figures
› Tense market situation in Russia and Eastern Europe persists

Mladá Boleslav, 9 November 2015 – ŠKODA delivers 88,500 vehicles to customers worldwide in October 2015 (October 2014: 91,000 deliveries; down 2.7%). This was the second-best October for the brand after the previous year’s record sales month. ŠKODA posted increases in Central Europe, India and China. ŠKODA’s deliveries were slightly down on the previous year in Western Europe. Against the backdrop of challenging market situations, the brand recorded a decline in sales in Russia and Eastern Europe. ŠKODA’s latest model generations, however, continue to do outstandingly well: In Europe, high growth rates have been achieved with the ŠKODA Fabia (up 44.1%) and the new ŠKODA Superb (up 22.8%).

​“ŠKODA has been able to hold its own with an attractive model range in a partly challenging environment in October,” explains Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Our new models have been very well received by customers. This is evidenced by the stable development of incoming orders.  However, we continue to see tense markets in Russia and Eastern Europe.”

In Western Europe, ŠKODA delivered 34,000 vehicles to customers in October (October 2014: 34.700; down 1.9%). On the German market, the brand’s sales reached the previous year’s level of 12,800 vehicles. ŠKODA remains the strongest import brand in Germany by far. ŠKODA achieved double-digit growth in the markets of France (2100 vehicles; up 17.3%), Spain (1700 vehicles; up 12.9%), Italy (1400 vehicles; up 13.3 %), Portugal (200 vehicles; up 22.5%) and Ireland (200 vehicles; up 22.2%).

In the overall declining Russian market, ŠKODA achieved 4600 deliveries in October (October 2014: 7400 vehicles; down 38.0%). In Eastern Europe, excluding Russia, the manufacturer sold 3000 vehicles in October (October 2014: 3300; down 11.0%). ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth, however, in Romania (900 vehicles; up 26.3%) and Serbia (500 vehicles; up 21.2%).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA grew 11.9% to 14,800 deliveries in October (October 2014: 13,200). This means one in five newly registered vehicles in Central Europe is a ŠKODA. In their home market of the Czech Republic, the brand achieved a significant increase of 18.5% to 7600 vehicles (October 2014: 6400). ŠKODA also recorded double-digit growth in the following Central European regions: Slovenia (500 vehicles; up 14.0%) and Croatia (200 vehicles; up 28.1%).

In China, ŠKODA delivered 26,400 vehicles in October. This is a small increase of 3.2% over last October’s results (25,600 deliveries). In India, ŠKODA’s sales increased 7.7% to 1600 vehicles (October 2014: 1500). In Taiwan, the brand achieved growth of 20.0%, delivering 300 vehicles. ŠKODA also recorded double-digit growth in Israel (1500 vehicles, up 52.7%).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in October 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to October 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia: (37,000; +4.9 %)
ŠKODA Fabia: (16,800; +39.8 %)
ŠKODA Rapid: (14,000; -33.9 %)
ŠKODA Yeti: (10,000; +13.0 %)
ŠKODA Superb: (7700; -2.6 %)
ŠKODA Citigo: (only sold in Europe: 2800; -12.0 %)
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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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ŠKODA Vrchlabí Plant Awarded ‘Factory of the Year’

​› Award: Victory in the ‘Outstanding site development’ categor
› Prestigious competition organised by trade journal  ‘Production’ and A.T. Kearney management consultancy
› High-Tech site: €220 million investments in Vrchlabí DQ 200 manufacturing
› Growth: Production capacity increases to 2,000 gearboxes per day› Success: 910,000 DQ 200 gearboxes produced in Vrchlabí to date

​Mladá Boleslav, 13 November 2015 – ŠKODA’s Vrchlabí plant has been awarded ‘Factory of the Year 2015/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO)’ in the ‘Outstanding site development’ category. ŠKODA has been manufacturing the modern DQ 200 direct-shift gearbox at Vrchlabí since 2012. The ‘Factory of the Year’ award is one of the most prestigious competitions for the manufacturing industry in Europe, and has been organised by the trade journal ‘Production’ and consultancy firm A.T. Kearney since 1992.

​The plant was evaluated on five criteria: value appreciation, customer satisfaction, quality, innovation and efficiency. Awarding first place in the ‘Outstanding site development’ category, the expert jury recognised the ŠKODA Vrchlabí plant’s transition from vehicle assembly to modern gearbox manufacturing this year. The DQ 200 seven-speed direct shift gearbox manufactured in Vrchlabí is used in ŠKODA vehicles as well as models from other group brands, and is one of the most innovative automatic transmissions in the automotive industry.

“We are delighted that our plant in Vrchlabí has been named ‘Factory of the Year 2015’,” says ŠKODA Production Director Michael Oeljeklaus. “In a joint effort among the employees, trade union and the company, we have transformed Vrchlabí over recent years into a high-tech location for gearbox manufacturing. The victory in the category ‘Outstanding site development’ is a tremendous recognition of this. The award also acknowledges the local production team’s hard work in shaping the changes with great skill, commitment and flexibility. Today, the location is well-established producing direct shift gearboxes, and has excellent future prospects.”

The Volkswagen Group awarded Vrchlabí the contract for DQ 200 production in early 2011. The first DQ 200 gearboxes ran off the production lines there in October 2012. ŠKODA invested around €220 million into the local DSG production in partnership with the Volkswagen Group. The majority of that sum went into technical facilities and other measures, such as the Training Centre in transmission production, the logistics area, the Measuring Centre, laboratories and the Centre for Quality Analysis. New buildings were constructed and existing facilities modernised at a cost of around €27 million.

ŠKODA is currently increasing the location’s production capacity. By March, the daily manufacturing volume will have increased from 1500 to 2000 DQ 200 gearboxes. The manufacturer will be investing a further €25 million into the expansion. The production capacity had already increased from 1000 to 1500 DSG gearboxes per day in 2014.

Around 910,000 DQ 200 gearboxes have been produced at the site to date. Approximately 1000 people are employed in gearbox production at Vrchlabí, making ŠKODA one of the largest and most important employers in the region. Earlier this year, the company was honoured for their social contribution to the development of the Vrchlabí region in the competition ‘Česká inovace’ (‘Czech Innovation’).
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Power and Emotion: 40 Years of ŠKODA 130 RS

​› 1975: Legendary ŠKODA 130 RS first racing season
› Victories: winner in 1981 European Touring Car Championship; Double victory in 1977 Monte Carlo Rally
› ‘Porsche of the East’: ŠKODA 130 RS one of the best racing cars of its time
› 114-year racing tradition: ŠKODA’s motorsport success since 1901

​Mladá Boleslav, 18 November 2015 – One of the most successful racing cars of the 1970s and 80s turns 40: the ŠKODA 130 RS. Known then as the ‘Porsche of the East’, the racing car first drove into the spotlight in the 1975 season. In subsequent years, the ŠKODA 130 RS scored numerous top rankings in rallies and circuit races. The most noteworthy victories came in the 1981 European Touring Car Championship and the double victory in the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally  in the <1300 cm3 category.

​The ŠKODA 130 RS is considered an outstanding representative of ŠKODA’s 114-year racing tradition. “The 130 RS continues to shape the ŠKODA brand’s good reputation in motorsport to this day,” says Michal Velebný, Coordinator of the ŠKODA Museum restoration workshop. “Getting this racing car onto the track in former communist Czechoslovakia was no mean feat, demonstrating the technical skill and commitment of ŠKODA’s development team and engineers of that time.” 

ŠKODA Motorsport Director Michael Hrabánek adds, “ŠKODA is proud of its great motorsport tradition and racing car icons like the 130 RS. This awareness of the brand’s outstanding motor racing history also drives our current motorsport activities. Four wins in the WRC 2 and four national titles for the new ŠKODA Fabia R5, as well as the fourth APRC title in a row for ŠKODA are some of the highlights of our 2015 season.”

In the 1970s and 80s, the ŠKODA 130 RS was known as the ‘Porsche of the East’. One year before presenting the model, ŠKODA had already laid the foundation for the brand’s new era in motorsport with three ŠKODA 200 RS racing prototypes, driven by the desire to also compete in higher volume racing classes. Until then, the brand had entered cars mainly in the <1300 cm3 categories. The 200 RS marked the first time ŠKODA had used the ‘RS’ designation, which is short for ‘Rally Sport’.

Since the 200 RS prototypes could not meet the new official regulatory standards, ŠKODA designed the 130 RS racing car. As a true lightweight, the ŠKODA 130 RS weighed in at only 720 kg. Selected body panels were made of aluminium, such as the roof, the bonnet and the outer shell of the doors. The mudguards and bonnet were made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). At the front, ŠKODA used the front axle from the 200 RS, and the rear axle was designed from scratch. The model also received its robust protective frame from the series-produced ŠKODA 110 R. 

The ŠKODA 130 RS was powered by a 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol with OHV valve control. The 140-horsepower engine could take the car to 220 km/h. The engine’s sports capabilities were made possible by the two Weber twin carburettors, an eight-channel cylinder head and dry sump lubrication. The cylinder and crankcase were made of aluminium, the cylinder head from cast iron. A four-speed transmission was used in the gearbox. Initially, there was also a version with five gears, but this was no longer used following the 1976 change in official regulations.

The results from the package comprising modern engine technology, lightweight design and motor sport fine-tuning were impressive. ŠKODA’s new racing car made a very successful start to the 1975 racing season at the Czechoslovak Peace and Friendship Cup. A ŠKODA 130 RS took first, second and third place in the overall rankings.

Over the following years, the model achieved numerous top rankings in prestigious circuit races at home and abroad. Greatest triumph: ŠKODA’s overall victory in the 1981 European Touring Car Championship. The ŠKODA 130 RS had already achieved an excellent result, coming third in the European Championships a year earlier.

The ŠKODA 130 RS also caused a stir on the national and international rally scene. The car took its first Czech victories in the debut season of 1976. The ŠKODA 130 RS’s finest hour was in the 1977 Monte Carlo, taking a double victory in the <1300 cm3 category. At the wheel of the two winning cars were driving teams Blahna/Hlávka and Zapadlo/Motal. There was yet another victory one year later in the Rally Sweden. In 1980, the ŠKODA 130 RS dominated the Barum Rally, taking positions one to five. More leading rally rankings had been achieved before the 1983 season.

The era of the ŠKODA 130 RS’s success ended in 1983. The FIA’s homologation, which had already been extended, had now expired. ŠKODA continued its motorsport activities with the ŠKODA 130 LR (130 hp). This model, however, could not build upon the success of the ŠKODA 130 RS.

The ŠKODA RS’s reputation for speed, which began with the ŠKODA 130 RS, represents the brand’s power and emotion today. ŠKODA’s most recent RS model is the new Octavia RS 230 – the sports-tuned version of the successful ŠKODA Octavia RS. The additional ‘230’ designation relates to the horsepower of the 2.0 TSI petrol engine, accelerating the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The top speed is now limited to 250 km/h by law, making the Octavia RS 230 the fastest series-produced Octavia ever.

ŠKODA has been on the motorsport scene since 1901. Taking victories in races and racing series around the world highlights the carmaker’s technological skill. ŠKODA’s founding fathers, Laurin and Klement (L&K), launched the brand’s motorsport success; just two years after presenting the first motorised L&K two-wheeler, young factory driver Narcis Podsedníček participated in the Paris-Berlin endurance race on an L&K single-cylinder motorcycle in 1901.

In addition to celebrating 40 years of the ŠKODA 130 RS, ŠKODA AUTO has achieved several other significant milestones this year, including 120 years since Laurin and Klement founded their company, and 110 years of automobile construction in Mladá Boleslav. This makes ŠKODA one of the longest-established vehicle manufactures in the world. What began with Laurin and Klement in 1895 has since grown into an internationally successful volume manufacturer with 7 model series and around 40 model versions.  Producing more than 17 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905 proves the strength of the brand.
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China visit: Prime Minister Sobotka visits ŠKODA production in Anting

​› High-ranking Czech governmental delegation visits Shanghai Volkswagen’s Anting site
› Anting is one of four production sites for ŠKODA cars in China
› Meeting with ŠKODA CEO Bernard Maier and ŠKODA Board Member for Human Resources Bohdan Wojnar
› ŠKODA’s success in China: over 1.5 million cars have been delivered since 2007
› Expansion of the model range in China
› Growth target: 500,000 ŠKODA deliveries per year in China

​Mladá Boleslav/Shanghai, 23 November 2015 – As part of his state visit to China, the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka visited the ŠKODA production site on 23 November 2015 at Shanghai Volkswagen’s (SVW) Anting site, located near Shanghai. Since November 2013, a special Chinese version of the compact SUV, the ŠKODA Yeti, has rolled off the production line there. As well as the visit to the car factory, the governmental delegation’s agenda also included a meeting with ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier and ŠKODA Board Member for Human Resources Bohdan Wojnar.
​“In recent years, ŠKODA has developed extremely well in China,” stressed ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier. “The fact that over 1.5 million cars have been sold since our 2007 market launch in China shows that ŠKODA cars and Czech engineering expertise are much sought after by Chinese customers. Over the next few years, we wish to continue along the road to success in our largest individual market with the expansion of an attractive SUV campaign,” said Maier. “I am therefore delighted that we are definitely going to press ahead with the expansion of the model range in this segment.”

In this context, an agreement to build a further SUV derivative as part of the worldwide SUV strategy was signed with the Chinese partner, SVW, as was a memorandum of understanding for the development of a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) in the compact segment.

Over the course of the brand’s worldwide model campaign, ŠKODA has also consistently expanded its model range in China in recent times. In the last year alone, the model range doubled in the world’s largest car market. From the Fabia to the Superb, six different models are now available from the long-established Czech brand. The latest highlight was the new ŠKODA Superb’s market launch at the end of October 2015. The completely redeveloped ŠKODA flagship also meet the tastes and needs of customers in China with its modern, striking design as well as innovative technology and outstanding interior space.

ŠKODA has had a presence in China since 2007. Since that time, the brand’s annual sales have increased most recently to 281,400 deliveries during 2014. This corresponds to around a quarter of ŠKODA’s total sales. Between January and October 2015, ŠKODA delivered 226,100 cars to the Chinese market. As a result, the brand was once again able to increase its deliveries compared to the same period last year.

From the very beginning, the Czech manufacturer has successfully relied on close cooperation with its partner Shanghai Volkswagen, (SVW), the joint venture between SAIC and Volkswagen. ŠKODA vehicles are currently manufactured in the four Chinese SVW factories in Anting, Nanjing, Yizheng and Ningbo.

The ŠKODA Yeti has rolled off the production line at the Anting factory since November 2013. This factory, located close to Shanghai, received a visit from Prime Minister Sobotka. The ŠKODA Yeti comes with a 6-cm-longer wheelbase compared to the European version of the Yeti, thereby meeting the demands of Chinese customers for more space in the rear seats. The ŠKODA Yeti convinces with its outstanding driving characteristics both on roads and on rough terrain.
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Heart of ŠKODA Production: 12 Million Cars Produced at Mladá Boleslav Plant

​› Milestone: 12 million vehicles manufactured at ŠKODA’s main plant since 1905
› Broad range: Six ŠKODA models run off Mladá Boleslav production lines
› Employment: Around 15,000 people employed at ŠKODA plant
› Investments: €1.5 billion invested in site development since 2010; further €86 million planned for new press shop by 2017
› Tradition: ŠKODA AUTO’s roots lie in Mladá Boleslav production site

​Mladá Boleslav, 24 November 2015 – New milestone reached at ŠKODA AUTO: The company’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav has produced 12 million vehicles since 1905. Six ŠKODA models currently run off this site’s productions lines: The Octavia, Octavia Combi (estate), Fabia, Fabia Combi (estate), Rapid and Rapid Spaceback. Over recent years, ŠKODA has invested heavily in modernizing and expanding the plant as part of their model campaign. ŠKODA is also building a new press shop at the site, investing a further €86 million into the project by early 2017.

​“ŠKODA’s heart beat in Mladá Boleslav,” says ŠKODA Production Director Michael Oeljeklaus. “What began here 120 years ago as Laurin and Klement’s small bicycle factory has since become one of the most advanced, powerful and respected production sites in the automotive industry. Producing 12 million vehicles is evidence of the strength and significance of the site and demonstrates the great competence of the local team. Over the coming years, we plan to develop the Mladá Boleslav plant even further.”

Mladá Boleslav is the central pillar of ŠKODA’s global production network. More than 50 % of all ŠKODA vehicles produced around the world to date come from this manufacturing location. The site has undergone comprehensive redevelopment particularly since the brand joined forces with the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Since then, 7.8 million vehicles have been manufactured at the location, of which almost 3.3 million Fabias, around 2.8 million Octavias and over 309,000 Rapids.

The Mladá Boleslav plant plays a key role in ŠKODA’s current model campaign. One of the most comprehensive modernization and expansion projects in the history of the site was undertaken prior to the 2012-production launch of the Octavia/Octavia Combi, Rapid/Rapid Spaceback und Fabia/Fabia Combi models. The capacity of production line I rose from 800 to 1200 vehicles daily. A new car body shop and a fully automated paint shop were also built. In 2013, a new, environmentally friendly press line commenced operations. In addition, another new press line will have been installed by early 2017.

The factory on Václav Klement Road, Mladá Boleslav, is ŠKODA’s factory par excellence. This is where the origins of the Czech manufacturer’s 120-year success story lie. In close proximity to today’s production facilities, ŠKODA’s two founders, Laurin and Klement, first started by constructing bicycles in 1895, then moved on to motorbikes, and eventually produced their first automobile in 1905.

Today, it is not only cars and petrol engines that are manufactured in Mladá Boleslav but also gearboxes. The site employs around 15.000 people in production alone.

Besides the main factory, ŠKODA has two other plants in the Czech Republic, namely Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. In Kvasiny, the Superb, Superb Combi and Yeti are produced. And the Vrchlabí site manufactures the dual-clutch gearbox DQ 200 both for ŠKODA and for other Volkswagen Group brands. In addition to manufacturing in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA vehicles are also produced in China, Russia and India.

Milestones in ŠKODA AUTO’s production:

- 24 November 2015: 12 million ŠKODA vehicles at the Mladá Boleslav plant
- 19 March 2014: 11 million ŠKODA vehicles at the Mladá Boleslav plant
- 26 August 2013: 4 million ŠKODA Octavia
- 9 July 2013: 1 million ŠKODA vehicles in China since 2007
- 5 February 2013: 15 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905
- 30 January 2012: 14 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905
- 12 October 2011: 10 million ŠKODA vehicles at the Mladá Boleslav plant
- 8 April 2009: 12 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905
- 13 July 2006: 10 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905
- 1991: 5 million ŠKODA vehicles since 1905

Selected vehicles previously manufactured at the ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav:

1905 – 1991
-    1906-1909: L&K type B/B2/BS - 300 units
-    1916-1925: L&K type 200/205/210 - 1200 units
-    1922-1929: L&K type 100/105/110/115/120/125/150 – 5800 units
-    1933-1947: ŠKODA Popular/Standard/Rapid/Favorit/911 – 26,600 units
-    1946-1952: ŠKODA 1101/1102 – 52,500 units
-    1959-1964: ŠKODA Octavia/Combi – 313,700 units
-    1969-1976: ŠKODA 100/110 – 1,079,800 units
-    1976-1989: ŠKODA 150/120/130 – 1,830,300 units
-    1988-1994: ŠKODA Favorit/Forman – 848,800 units

1991 – October 2015
-    1994-2000: ŠKODA Felicia/Felicia Combi – 850,000 units
-    1996-2004: ŠKODA Octavia I – 838,000 units
-    2004-2013: ŠKODA Octavia II – 1,334,100 units
-    2012-10/2015: ŠKODA Octavia III – 633,600 units
-    1999-2008: ŠKODA Fabia I – 1,736,600 units
-    2006-2014: ŠKODA Fabia II – 1,384,400 units
-    2014-10/2015: ŠKODA Fabia III – 166,100 units
-    2012-10/2015: ŠKODA Rapid/Rapid Spaceback – 309,000 units
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Well-equipped this winter: Attractive ŠKODA Accessories for cold season

​› Increasing visibility: From the ice scraper to the ski and snowboard rack
› Simply Clever: Ski sack, double-sided boot mat and more
› Safe and sound: Complete winter wheels, snow chains, all-wheel drive

​Mladá Boleslav, 3 December 2015 – The winter season brings its own challenges for motorists: ŠKODA offers the ideal accessories to deal with every situation. In addition, the brand’s models feature numerous ‘Simply Clever’ solutions to make life even easier, especially through the winter. Come snow or shine, ice or frost, ŠKODA drivers and passengers will be travelling safely and comfortably.

​Every driver knows the frustration of frozen car windows in sub-zero temperatures at night. The search for the ice scraper begins. This is not the case for owners of ŠKODA models Fabia, Fabia Combi, Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Octavia, Octavia Combi, Superb and Superb Combi. These models come with an ice scraper in the fuel tank flap as standard.

The brand’s foldable snow shovel is another practical addition. This handy tool is made of aluminium and can be stowed away by disassembling it into three parts.

When travelling on your winter holidays, the practical ski sack ensures the clean stowage of your skis in the car. The Octavia and Superb offer an additional practical load-through function. If the skis are not transported inside, the lockable ski and snowboard rack with aluminium profile also provides the perfect solution. This is simply mounted onto the roof rack. The same goes for the large, lockable ski and snowboard box with a capacity of 380 l, and can accommodate up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards.

To keep the boot looking brand new even after wet snow boots and skis, ŠKODA offers tailor-made mats and pads for all models. The rubber boot mat is shaped to follow the boot floor and does not have to be specially fastened. When it gets dirty, it can easily be removed and cleaned.

The double-sided rubber / textile boot mat will also make sure the boot of the ŠKODA Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti, Octavia, Octavia Combi and Superb stay clean. One side is covered with textile; the other side is made of a dirt and water-repellent material. The strong, dirt-repellent rubber foot mats found in every ŠKODA model are made from the same material. 

To ensure safe driving throughout autumn and winter, ŠKODA offers attractive winter complete wheels and premium winter tyres for all model series. The optional cover for the complete set of wheels ensures the clean storage of wheels and tires. For extreme snow conditions, the brand also supplies snow chains that are attached manually.

Cars with all-wheel drive have a particular advantage when driving over rough or slippery terrain. In the compact and mid-segment, ŠKODA has some of the most attractive all-wheel drive vehicles in Europe. The brand’s Das 4×4 range currently comprises nine models or model versions: the ŠKODA Octavia 4×4, ŠKODA Octavia Combi 4×4, ŠKODA Octavia RS 4×4, ŠKODA Octavia Combi RS 4×4, ŠKODA Octavia Scout, ŠKODA Yeti 4×4, ŠKODA Yeti Outdoor 4×4, ŠKODA Superb 4×4 and the ŠKODA Superb Combi 4×4. The modern all-wheel drive based on an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch provides excellent handling characteristics and impressive traction performance even on challenging terrain.
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