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Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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  • World premiere of ŠKODA OCTAVIA and ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS live online

    ​› ŠKODA presents extensively revised OCTAVIA on 10 January in Vienna
    › World premiere will be broadcast live from 18.30 CET on skoda-storyboard.com

    ​Mladá Boleslav/Vienna, 9 January 2017 – The world premiere of the revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA and ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS will be broadcast live on the Internet on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 from 18:30 CET (17:30 GMT). The event takes place at the Vienna Semper Depot.

    The vehicle presentation, lasting around 20 minutes, can be followed live on the ŠKODA Storyboard. Media outlets can relay the broadcast via embed code on their own channels.

    Livestream: Links/Linkovi Register/Registrujte se or/ili Login/Ulogujte se
    Embed Code: Links/Linkovi Register/Registrujte se or/ili Login/Ulogujte se
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    Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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  • Record-breaking 2016: ŠKODA delivers 1,127,700 vehicles to customers

    ​› ŠKODA increases deliveries by 6.8% to 1,127,700 cars
    › Best December of all time: 91,500 deliveries (+5.7%)
    › Significant growth in Europe (+5.6%) and China (+12.6%)
    › ŠKODA SUPERB (+73.4%), RAPID (+9.5%) and FABIA (+5.4%) sales increase significantly
    › Model campaign: market launch of ŠKODA KODIAQ set for February

    ​Mladá Boleslav, 10 January 2017 – ŠKODA achieved a new sales record in 2016: The brand’s global sales rose 6.8% last year to 1,127,700 vehicles (2015: 1,055,500). In December, ŠKODA achieved a 5.7% increase (December 2015: 86,600) with 91,500 deliveries. This was the best December ever in the company’s history. ŠKODA will continue to intensify their model campaign throughout 2017. Two new models will be released in the first quarter: the new ŠKODA KODIAQ and the extensively revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA. Additional new products will follow during the course of the year.

    “The record result of 2016 highlights the fact that we increased the attractiveness of our brand last year with our young and modern model range,” says ŠKODA CEO, Bernhard Maier. “We are increasingly able to inspire new customer groups, with emotional designs, the latest automotive technology and the many practical advantages of a ŠKODA. With a total of eleven model innovations, we will continue this trend in 2017. In particular, the market launches of the revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA and the new SUV model ŠKODA KODIAQ are expected to provide further positive momentum for the brand in the first half of the year,” adds Maier.

    The world premiere of the new large SUV ŠKODA KODIAQ in Berlin and its subsequent exhibition debut at the Paris Motor Show were the product highlights of 2016. “The ŠKODA KODIAQ marks the launch of our broad-based SUV campaign, bringing new growth potential to the brand,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Sales Werner Eichhorn, adding: “It is also gratifying that, in cooperation with our dealership organisation, more than 75% of our nearly 3,200 ŠKODA dealerships around the world had converted their operations to the new corporate design by the end of 2016.”

    In Western Europe, ŠKODA grew by 5.7% to 455,200 deliveries in 2016 (2015: 430,900). In December, the brand delivered 32,600 vehicles to customers in this sales region (December 2015: 31,100). In Germany – the second-strongest global market –the manufacturer’s deliveries increased by 4.1% to 165,200 cars (2015: 158,700) in 2016, thus further expanding its position as the strongest foreign brand. ŠKODA achieved double-digit growth in Italy (20,500 vehicles, +24%), Ireland (9,500 vehicles, +20.5%), France (24,200 vehicles, +12.7%) and Finland (11,100 vehicles, +10.5%).

    ŠKODA recorded strong growth in Eastern Europe in 2016 with a 7.2% increase in sales to 35,100 vehicles (2015: 32,700). In December, the brand grew in this sales region by 3.3% to 2,800 deliveries (December 2015: 2,700).

    In Russia, ŠKODA delivered 55,400 units in the year as a whole (2015: 55,000, +0.7%). ŠKODA achieved a double-digit growth rate in Ukraine (3,600 vehicles, +57.2%), Bosnia (1,400 vehicles, +23.2%), Romania (10,300 vehicles, +14.4%) and the Baltic States (6,500 vehicles; +10.6%).

    ŠKODA also experienced significant growth inCentral Europe in 2016. The brand grew by 6.8% to 183,800 deliveries (2015: 172,100). ŠKODA’s sales in its home market of the Czech Republic increased by 3.5% to 88,000 units (2015: 85,000). The brand achieved double-digit sales growth in Croatia (3,500 vehicles, +12.7%), Poland (56,200 vehicles, +12.3%) and Slovenia (6,300 vehicles, +10.8%).

    ŠKODA showed strong presence in China in 2016: The deliveries in ŠKODA’s strongest market worldwide increased by 12.5% to 317,100 vehicles (2015: 281,700). In December, the brand delivered 29,900 vehicles to customers (December 2015: 28,900 deliveries).

    ŠKODA also developed positively in Turkey (28,900 vehicles, +30.0%) and Israel (20,400 vehicles, +14.9%).
    ŠKODA deliveries to customers in 2016 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to 2015):

    ŠKODA OCTAVIA (436,300; +0.9 %)
    ŠKODA RAPID (212,800; +9.5 %)
    ŠKODA FABIA (202,800; +5.4 %)
    ŠKODA SUPERB (139,100; +73.4 %)
    ŠKODA YETI (95,600; -4.0 %)
    ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe: 40.700; +1.4 %)

    ŠKODA deliveries to customers in December 2016 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to 2015):

    ŠKODA OCTAVIA (36,600; +3.1 %)
    ŠKODA RAPID (18,200; +20.7 %)
    ŠKODA FABIA (14,600; -1.9 %)
    ŠKODA SUPERB (12,400; +32.6 %)
    ŠKODA YETI (6,200; -27.3 %)
    ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe: 3300; +6.9 %)
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    Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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  • ŠKODA OCTAVIA: bestseller with a comprehensive upgrade - Press Kit

    ​› An even more streamlined design, new headlights with LED technology
    › Reworked interior, optional colour-controllable LED ambient lighting
    › New infotainment systems in a glass design
    › ŠKODA Connect: mobile online services for improved assistance and infotainment
    › New driver assistance systems for even greater safety and comfort
    › Four TSI engines, four TDI engines and one CNG engine ranging from 63 kW (86 PS) to 135 kW (184 PS)
    › All-wheel drive for the top-of-the-range models, optional Dynamic Chassis Control
    › Two RS models: 2.0 TDI with 135 kW (184 PS), 2.0 TSI with 169 kW (230 PS)
    › The best rally car within its class: ŠKODA presents the WRC2 World Champion FABIA R5

    ​Mladá Boleslav / Vienna, 10 January 2017 – An even more striking design, new equipment and state-of-the-art technology for assistance, infotainment and connectivity – the ŠKODA OCTAVIA presents itself a new, in top shape. The comprehensive upgrade has been applied to the hatchback as well as the Combi. With the new design language, now ŠKODA’s compact bestseller has received an injection of even more vigour and emotiveness too.

    ​It is the heart and soul of ŠKODA, it embodies all of the Czech car manufacturer’s strengths and lays the foundations for its success – the ŠKODA OCTAVIA. The large compact car offers interior space that is among the most generous in its segment and brings the equipment and the technology of a mid-size car into the compact segment. Its design is striking, its quality is on the highest level, and above all it represents exceptional value for money.

    The OCTAVIA is ŠKODA’s top seller: since its market launch in 1996, the Czech car manufacturer has produced more than five million ŠKODA OCTAVIAs. In 2016, now in its third generation, the large compact car made up more than 40 per cent of ŠKODA’s total sales worldwide with 436,000 vehicles sold. 255,000 cars found buyers in Europe, 4.2 per cent more than in the previous year.

    The model range has fanned out: additions to the hatchback and Combi are the all-terrain OCTAVIA SCOUT, the extremely economical OCTAVIA G-TEC with CNG powertrain, as well as the RS models, which – as with the higher-end variants – are increasingly moving into the focus of customers. Comprehensively upgraded, the OCTAVIA hatchback and the OCTAVIA COMBI are now starting the second half of their life cycle. In many European countries, they will be available for order from the end of 2016.

    The ŠKODA design team have streamlined the OCTAVIA’s lines even further. The new front end with wider radiator grille, which has been expanded by introducing additional headlights with a crystalline look, and the even wider air inlets with honeycomb structure in the redesigned bumper create a masculine and dynamic look – and provide increased recognition value. As an option, the headlights are available in full-LED technology with adaptive front headlights (AFS).

    The LED tail lights come in a choice of two variants; the C-shaped lights now illuminate in a uniform manner across the surface. The upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA has grown a few millimetres in length, and the width of its rear track has increased by 20 or 30 mm (depending on engine and rear axle).

    The interior comes across as high-quality and functional, the multifunction display and the air-conditioning controls have been retouched slightly. Subtle lighting units in the doors (optional) provide ambient lighting which can be adjusted to one of ten different colours.

    Infotainment systems and ŠKODA Connect
    The infotainment systems in the ŠKODA OCTAVIA are part of a new generation. Their capacitive displays react to even the lightest touch. With the exception of the standard Swing music system, all the infotainment systems (optional) feature a glass design. The top-of-the-range Columbus navigation system comes with a 9.2-inch display, provides passengers with a Wi-Fi hotspot and has an optional extra LTE module for super fast data transfer. In addition, Phonebox enables inductive smartphone charging.

    The connectivity features are also groundbreaking. ŠKODA Connect offers a range of new mobile online services that are divided into two categories, with the Infotainment Online services providing information and entertainment, and the Care Connect services providing assistance and support. Other online services, including remote access to the car, operate using the ŠKODA Connect app on your smartphone. The SmartLink+ platform incorporates the Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink™ and SmartGate standards to pair the mobile phone with the car.

    Driver assistance systems
    The new generation of electronic assistance systems makes driving the upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA even safer and more comfortable. They surpass the usual level in the compact segment by far – in typical ŠKODA style – and there is a wide range to choose from. Trailer Assist, the Predictive Pedestrian Protection function, Blind Spot Detect and Rear Traffic Alert are new to the portfolio. The same applies to Crew Protect Assist; it works together with Front Assist including the City Emergency Braking function. Park Assist comes in a new, enhanced configuration.

    Engines and chassis
    The range of engines consists of four TSI engines, four TDI engines and one CNG powertrain; they combine strong performance with low consumption. Their power ranges from 63 kW (86 PS) to 135 kW (184 PS). The 1.4-l G-TEC with 81 kW (110 PS) is a particularly economical engine which is designed for use with CNG.

    Besides manual gearboxes, DSG transmissions with six or seven speeds are available for almost all of the engines; ŠKODA offers all-wheel drive for the 1.8 TSI and the 2.0 TDI. Optional Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is a highlight for the chassis – with it, the driver can regulate the character of the suspension by selecting the Comfort, Normal or Sport modes. All engines conform to the Euro 6 standard.

    Interior space and equipment
    When it comes to interior space, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA continues to set benchmarks. The hatchback and the Combi each offer 1,782 mm of interior length and 73 mm of kneeroom in the rear. Their boot capacities measure 590 and 610 l respectively, with the back seats folded down it’s 1,580/1,740 l. For the Combi, an electric tailgate is available as an option.

    Some new ideas have been added to the many ‘Simply Clever‛ features already offered by the ŠKODA OCTAVIA to date: two USB ports in the rear, folding tray tables on the back of the front seats, bottle holders that make the opening of PET bottles easier, and a removable LED torch in the Combi’s boot. The heated steering wheel and customisable keys in particular ensure extra comfort and convenience.

    The 2.0 TDI (110 kW / 150 PS) with DSG transmission and all-wheel drive constitutes a new powertrain option – the first all-wheel-drive OCTAVIA with 7-speed DSG.

    The RS models
    At the top end of the upgraded OCTAVIA portfolio are two RS engine variants – the 2.0 TSI petrol and the 2.0 TDI diesel. The hatchback and the Combi combine their high performance with the great strengths of the model range and the new groundbreaking technology for the infotainment, connectivity and assistance systems.

    The RS models also present themselves in the new, streamlined design with the expressive four-eyed face. The headlights, fog lights and tail lights feature LED technology; details like the black radiator grille, the distinctive air ducts, the spoiler and the large exhaust pipes hint at the dynamic character. In the interior, there are RS sports seats with leather/fabric covers (Alcantara® as an option), elegant decorative strips and ambient lighting.

    For the ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS 2.0 TSI, the power output has been increased to 169 kW (230 PS), the top speed is 250 km/h. The 135 kW (184 PS) 2.0 TDI wows with its efficiency – over 100 km, it consumes only 4.5 litres of diesel on average (115 grams of CO2/km). The RS models are available with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed DSG transmission. The sports chassis lowers the body by 15 mm, the rear track is 30 mm wider than before. Wheel dimensions range from 17 to 19 inches. The ESC stability system with XDS+ electronic inter-wheel lock, and Performance Mode Select with the Performance Sound Generator (optional) complete the dynamic character of the upgraded OCTAVIA RS models.

    The ŠKODA FABIA R5 rally car
    At the press event for the upgraded OCTAVIA in Vienna, ŠKODA presents yet another highlight – the FABIA R5, the winning rally car in the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC 2).

    Having started seven times in the WRC 2 with the ŠKODA FABIA R5, the Finnish works crew Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm scooped the world championship drivers’ classification with four victories and two other podium finishes. In total, the car won 10 of the 13 world championship rallies. In addition, ŠKODA won the continental championships in South America, Asia-Pacific and in the Middle East as well as ten national titles in the 2016 season. “The many national and international titles and victories show that we have created a real winners’ car with the ŠKODA FABIA R5.,” said Christian Strube, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development. “The entire ŠKODA team is very proud of the extraordinary successes of our motorsport team.”
    The best rally car within its class is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo engine, which produces 205 kW (290 PS) and 420 Nm of torque. A sequential five-speed transmission transfers the power to the 4×4 drive system that uses mechanical differentials on both axles. The wheel dimensions are 15 inches on gravel and 18 inches on tarmac. In accordance with regulations, the minimum weight for the rally car, which is just short of four metres long, is 1,230 kg; the price for customer teams is 180,000 euros.
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    Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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  • Extensively upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA celebrates world premiere in Vienna

    ​› ŠKODA presents the latest version of its bestseller at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
    › Distinctive design with completely redesigned front
    › Brand-typical generous interior with new ambient lighting
    › New infotainment systems with in-car display in a glass design
    › ŠKODA Connect with groundbreaking mobile online services
    › New driver assistance systems for improved safety and comfort
    › Wide range of engines: four TSI and four TDI engines as well as one G-TEC engine with power outputs ranging from 63 kW (86 PS) to 135 kW (184 PS)

    ​Mladá Boleslav / Vienna, 10 January 2017 – The curtain is raised on the new edition of ŠKODA’s bestseller: the premiere of the extensively upgraded ŠKODA OCTAVIA is taking place today. ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier and ŠKODA’s Head of Design Jozef Kabaň will introduce the revised ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI and ŠKODA OCTAVIA RS in advance of the Vienna motor show to the public during a vehicle presentation lasting around 20 minutes. With its new design language, ŠKODA’s compact bestseller is given even more dynamism and emotiveness.
    New front and headlights with LED technology
    The distinctive front with wider radiator grille is characterised by additional headlights with a crystalline look and even wider honeycomb air inlets in the redesigned bumper. The front headlights are available with adaptive lights featuring full-LED technology. The C-shaped LED tail lights now shine in a uniform manner across the surface. The ŠKODA OCTAVIA has grown a few millimetres in length; its rear track has increased by up to 30 mm.

    The design of the interior exudes even greater quality and has the equipment to match; the instrument cluster and the operation of the air conditioning have been revised. The new LED ambient lighting in the doors can be set to one of ten different colours. New additional ‘Simply Clever’ features include two USB connections in the rear, folding tray tables on the backs of the front seats, a removable LED torch in the boot of the Combi, a heated steering wheel and a customisable key.

    Helpful infotainment systems and pioneering ŠKODA Connect solutions
    The controls for the new generation of infotainment systems are integrated in the glass design and their capacitive displays react to even the lightest touch. The top-of-the-range Columbus navigation system features a 9.2-inch screen and an LTE module for super-fast data transfer, and provides occupants with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Smartphones can be inductively charged via the Phonebox.

    ŠKODA Connect provides groundbreaking mobile online services for information and entertainment, as well as for supporting the driver. Further online services run via the ŠKODA Connect app using a smartphone.

    Driver assistance systems for improved safety and comfort
    The electronic assistance systems surpass the usual level of the compact segment by far. Newly available features include Trailer Assist, the Predictive Pedestrian Protection function, Blind Spot Detect, Rear Traffic Alert and Crew Protect Assist, which works together with Front Assist including the City Emergency Brake function.

    Wide range of engines, DSG transmissions and all-wheel drive
    Four petrol engines (TSI), four diesel engines (TDI) and a G-TEC powertrain (CNG) are available for the ŠKODA OCTAVIA and ŠKODA OCTAVIA COMBI. The power output of the engines ranges from 63 kW (86 PS) to 135 kW (184 PS). In addition to the manual gearbox, a DSG transmission is available for all of the engines (with the exception of the entry-level petrol engine and the entry-level diesel engine) – a 7-speed DSG gearbox is brand new to the range. The 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TDI versions can be combined with all-wheel drive. The 2.0 TDI (110 kW / 150 PS) with DSG transmission and all-wheel drive constitutes a new powertrain combination: the first all-wheel-drive ŠKODA OCTAVIA with 7-speed DSG. Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), which can be used to select suspension modes ranging from comfortable to sporty, is available as an option. All of the engines comply with the Euro 6 standard.

    RS models for pronounced sportiness
    Both RS models, the hatchback and the Combi, are at the top end of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA range. The performance of the 2.0 TSI has been increased by 7 kW (10 PS) to 169 kW (230 PS). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and its top speed is 250 km/h. This makes the 2.0 TSI RS the most powerful and fastest ŠKODA OCTAVIA in the company’s history. The TDI engine wows with its efficiency: on average, it consumes as little as 4.5 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. The sports chassis lowers the body by 15 mm; the car’s rear track is 30 mm wider than that of the predecessor. The wheels are available in sizes ranging from 17 to 19 inches. The ESC stability system with XDS+ electronic inter-wheel lock and Performance Mode Select incl. Performance Sound Generator (optional extra) additionally emphasise the car’s dynamic character.

    History of a bestseller
    The ŠKODA OCTAVIA is the company’s bestselling model series. To date, more than five million vehicles have been sold worldwide since its launch in 1996. 436,300 third-generation OCTAVIAs were sold globally in 2016 – this equates to more than 38 per cent of the brand’s total sales. In Europe, 255,100 customers opted for the compact car – an increase of 4.2 per cent compared to the previous year.
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    Odg: ENG: Škoda Official Site News & Press Release
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  • Six wins for ŠKODA in 2017 Best Cars by ‘What Car?’

    ​› New ŠKODA KODIAQ winner of large-SUV category
    › ŠKODA FABIA receives ‘Best small car of the year’ title
    › ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI awarded ‘Best Back-to-Back estate’
    › ŠKODA CITIGO, ŠKODA FABIA COMBI and ŠKODA SUPERB receive prizes for best value for money

    ​Mladá Boleslav / Milton Keynes, 12 January 2017 – Successful start to the new year for ŠKODA: In selecting the Best Cars of 2017, conducted by British magazine ‘What Car?’, the Czech carmaker was victorious in three categories, thus becoming the most successful brand in one of the most prestigious British car awards. The ŠKODA models KODIAQ, FABIA and SUPERB COMBI won the highest awards in their respective classes. The success was rounded off with the ŠKODA CITIGO, ŠKODA FABIA COMBI and ŠKODA SUPERB receiving the title of ‘Best Value for Money’ in their respective segments. 

    ​“The ‘What Car?’ awards are a testament to the entire ŠKODA team. For us, these honours are both an affirmation and motivation. They show that we have taken the right path in expanding, modernizing and emotionalizing our model range,” says ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier, adding: “At the same time, our vehicles’ success underscores the increasing appeal of our brand in the international markets. ŠKODA has performed particularly well in the UK over the last few years. In 2016 alone, we grew by 7.3% to over 80,000 car deliveries, making this our fourth largest market in the world.”

    2017 could not have got off to a better start for ŠKODA. With three class victories and three value-for-money awards, the Czech car manufacturer was the big winner at the 2017 Best Cars award ceremony held by British automobile magazine ‘What Car?’ at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

    “Great Sports Utility Vehicle”
    By winning the award for Best Large SUV, the new ŠKODA KODIAQ received one of the most important European automotive awards shortly before its market launch.

    “We were looking forward to ŠKODA’s first large SUV with great anticipation. Today, one thing is certain: the ŠKODA KODIAQ did not disappoint the judges. It is a fantastic sport utility vehicle with seven seats, all-wheel drive, a powerful diesel engine, a generous array of features – and all of that at an amazing price,” said Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car?.

    With a length of 4.70m, up to seven seats and the largest boot in its class, the ŠKODA KODIAQ is the Czech carmaker’s first large SUV. ŠKODA’s latest model will be launched successively on the international markets from February. The SUV features stylish designs, exceptional space, practical intelligence and innovative technologies that would usually only be found in higher vehicle classes. The ŠKODA KODIAQ marks the beginning of ŠKODA’s broad-based SUV campaign. Five drivetrains – two TDI engines and three TSI engines – form the engine range at the launch of the ŠKODA KODIAQ. Their displacement values range from 1.4 to 2.0 l, with outputs ranging from 92 kW (125 hp) to 140 kW (190 hp).

    “The car to beat”
    For the third time in a row, the ŠKODA FABIA has been named ‘Best Small Car’ at the What Car? awards. “In the last twelve months, a number of new small cars have been released – but the ŠKODA FABIA is still the car to beat,” said What Car? editor Huntingford. “The ŠKODA FABIA can be manoeuvred easily and safely in the city, but even on country roads and motorways it is more comfortable and refined than many considerably larger vehicles. The car doesn’t just stand out from the competition thanks to its impressive workmanship and the high level of safety but also owing to a number of features in the interior and its distinct practicality,” added Huntingford.

    The current ŠKODA FABIA is now the third generation of the model on the market. It is hallmarked by its dynamic and emotive design language and sporty proportions. The small car is equipped with numerous safety, comfort and infotainment systems that are otherwise reserved for higher classes. There are four petrol engines and two diesel drivetrains available for the ŠKODA FABIA, ranging from 44 kW (60 hp) to 81 kW (110 hp). The ŠKODA FABIA is the Czech automobile manufacturer’s third bestselling model after the ŠKODA OCTAVIA and ŠKODA RAPID.

    “Leading its segment”
    The ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI also defended its title from last year at this year’s Best Cars selection. Chief Editor Huntingford reiterates the good reasons stated by the expert panel: “The ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI is still leading the way in its segment. Its performance, amount of space and comfort are crucial factors in that. Then there is its practicality and – as with all ŠKODA models – the excellent value for money. No other vehicle offers a similarly phenomenal combination.”

    The ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI embodies the company’s core values in its current version and is more spacious, practical and clever than ever before. With the largest interior and largest boot in its class, the five-door model sports a dynamic, elegant and emotional design. The third generation of ŠKODA’s flagship is characterized by a high level of comfort, comprehensive safety features, high functionality and good price/performance ratio. Five petrol engines and three diesel engines with an output between 92 kW (125 hp) and 206 kW (280 hp) are available.

    Best value for money
    In addition to the three class victories, ŠKODA also won three categories for best value for money in the ‘What Car?’ awards. The ŠKODA CITIGO in the ‘City Car’ category, the ŠKODA FABIA COMBI in the ‘Estates up to £18,000’ and the ŠKODA SUPERB in the ‘Executive Cars up to £25,000’.
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  • ŠKODA anniversaries in 2017 at a glance

    ​› Construction of ŠKODA vehicles began at Kvasiny plant 70 years ago
    › Roadster ŠKODA 450 and streamlined racing car ŠKODA 1100 OHC celebrate 60th anniversary
    › Four decades ago, ŠKODA 130 RS won double victory in its class at Monte Carlo rally
    › FAVORIT series with front drive debuted 30 years ago

    ​Mladá Boleslav, 13 January 2017 – ŠKODA is celebrating several important anniversaries this year. The models ŠKODA 450, ŠKODA 1100 OHC and ŠKODA FAVORIT have their round anniversaries, and 2017 marks 40 years since the  ŠKODA 130 RS coupé’s double class victory at the Monte Carlo Rally. 

    ​The ŠKODA 130 RS at the Monte Carlo Rally: double victory in its class

    40 years ago – on Friday, January 28, 1977 – the ŠKODA 130 RS with factory duo Václav Blahna/Lubislav Hlávka were victorious in the class under 1,300 cm3 at the Monte Carlo rally. In the overall ranking, the fast coupé took 12th and 15th place against many larger and stronger rivals. Thus, the predecessor of the current ŠKODA Fabia R5 wrote one of the most glorious chapters in ŠKODA’s 116-year involvement in motorsport.

    The ŠKODA 450: Predecessor of the Roadster FELICIA turns 60

    The production of the ŠKODA 450 open-top car – the predecessor of the well-known ŠKODA FELICIA – was launched at Kvasiny in September 1957. The four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1,089 cm3 and an output of 50 hp gave the attractive ŠKODA 450 a top speed of 128 km/h. A total of 1,010 of these vehicles were built, around two thirds of which were exported.

    ŠKODA FAVORIT: World premiere 30 years ago

    With the ŠKODA FAVORIT, the development team of the then Czechoslovak automotive manufacturer provided proof of their skills and commitment in the difficult final years of the socialist era. The compact car, designed by the Italian studio Bertone, rolled off the line with a transversely mounted front engine and front-wheel drive – a revolution for the brand. The concept, design and driving behaviour of the ŠKODA FAVORIT was comparable to that of Western competitors, and was one of the few passenger cars in the so-called Eastern bloc not to be built under licence.

    The ŠKODA FAVORIT debuted on 16 September, 1987, at the International Engineering Fair in Brno. The hatchback model was delivered to customers starting in 1988; two years later came the estate version ŠKODA FORMAN, followed by light-commercial-vehicle derivatives and recreational vehicles. Even electric vehicles were developed based on the ŠKODA FAVORIT. By 1995, 1,077,126 units of the FAVORIT / FORMAN series had been produced.

    Kvasiny plant: 70 years of ŠKODA production in East Bohemia

    The tradition of automobile production in Kvasiny dates back to 1934. The first ŠKODA vehicle built there was the prestigious ŠKODA SUPERB in October 1947. Many successful models followed, including the ŠKODA FELICIA (1959-1964), ŠKODA 110 R Coupé (1970-1980) and ŠKODA PICK-UP, as well as Volkswagen’s CADDY Pick-up (1995-2001). The Kvasiny site currently produces the ŠKODA SUPERB, SUPERB COMBI, YETI and KODIAQ.

    ŠKODA 1100 OHC: The racing car appeared 60 years ago

    In December 1957, ŠKODA surprised motorsport fans with two streamlined ŠKODA 1100 OHC roadsters. They were equipped with an elegant and lightweight GRP body, a steel lattice frame and an engine that featured two overhead camshafts and dual ignition. With a displacement of 1,089 cm3, the 4-cylinder engine provided 92 hp at 7,700 rpm assisted by its two twin-carburettors. The roadster weighed in at only 550 kg without a crew; the car’s top speed was 190 to 200 km/h.
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