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Fabričke promene MY2005-MY2012, EN
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Lista promena na modelima Oktavije II od 2005 do 2012.
Trenutno Škoda model za sledeću godinu izdaje u 22. nedelji tekuće godine, to znači da će svi automobili Škode od tada (početak juna tekuće godine) u broju šasije imati oznaku za sledeću godinu.
Praktično, u pitanju su izmene enterijera, opreme, motora...
Ranije je ta promena bila u avgustu, a od MY2011 je u junu.


This was the first model year.


• ESP has new functions: DSR and HHC.

o "Hill Hold Control" prevents the car rolling backwards when starting on a slope. Brake system keeps the proper break pressure to hold the car while driver pushes on the accelerator.
o When ESP senses skidding of car "Driver Steering Recommendation" turns slightly the steering wheel into the proper direction the driver should steer to avoid further skidding.

• Auxiliary heating is available.
• "Cruise" navigation system.
• "Dynamic I" and "Dynamic II" packages with sports seats, leather covered steering wheel, handbrake handle and gearshift knob, running gear with sport settings (lowered body).
• "Dynamic II" package is equipped with 17" "PEGASUS" alloy wheels.
• New metallic paints: Highland green 7A7A and Storm blue 8D8D.
• VIN code on the lower part of windscreen is complemented with bar code.
• New "STREAM" CD radio with different button layout and AUX input connector on the back.
• GSM II Bluetooth hands-free device is available.


• Heated back seats are available.
• Rear wiper is a default equipment at all levels from now on.
• "STREAM" radio CD head unit plays MP3 audio files too.
• An external 3,5" jack audio input connector (AUX) is available for "JumboBox" front center armrest.
• Double sun-blind is available. When the first part is folded to the side window you still have the second part to cover the windscreen.
• Cruise control's yellow indicator is activated in the instrument cluster's speedometer. It functions when a speed is set by the switch on indicator stalk. It was there earlier too but there was no LED soldered on flex foil so it could not work.
• "Melody" radio cassette player became a CD player unit. No more cassettes! (It was time!) - "Audience" MP3 CD radio unit remains.

• New metallic colours:

o From 27th week of 2006: Anthracite grey 9J9J replaces Graphite grey U9U9.
o From 43rd week of 2006: Satin grey 5T5T replaces Stone grey F7F7.
o Cappuccino beige 4K4K replaces Sahara beige Q2Q2.

• "PEGASUS" 17" alloy wheels of sport packet are available for Ambiente and Elegance levels too.
• Introducing "Laurin & Klement" exclusive model with white instrument cluster light, unique light grey leather interior (seat and door covers), chrome and wooden decoration.
• 1.4 MPI 55 kW (75 PS) engine's power output increased to 59 kW (80 PS).
• 1.9 PD-TDI 77 kW (105 PS) diesel engine is available with maintenance-free DPF (Diesel Particle Filter).
• Panic brake indicator - at intensive braking the emergency lights are activated.
• One LED of the side mirror index light has been removed, only 2 remained. The removed one was in the outside corner of the mirror. New light reflective coating inside the light unit is installed to lead the light of center LEDs to the corner.

• Driver of an Octavia equipped with on board computer and "MaxiDOT" LCD display can alter the following comfort functions through a menu system:

o Activating the alarm system with or without sound.
o Comfort operation of driver's power window only or all side windows'.
o First press of open button on central lock's remote control unlocks the driver's door or all doors.
o Left and right side mirrors can be set independently or linked.
o When rain starts, sunroof closes automatically or not.

• Octavia 4x4 model is available in two equipment levels: 4x4 and 4x4 Elegance. Elegance has the following extra options:

o 15" "HELIOS" alloy wheels.
o Remote controlled central lock.
o Front fog lights.
o Height adjustable front seats with back support and storage compartment under the seats.
o "Climatronic" dual zone automatic air conditioner.
o Power rear windows.
o "Jumbo Box" front center armrest with cooled compartment.
o 8 speakers.
o Net programme in luggage compartment.
o Cruise control.
o Storage box for glasses on the roof liner.
o Foldable rear armrest.
o 1.9 PD-TDI 77 kW (105 PS) diesel engine is available with maintenance-free DPF (Diesel Particle Filter).
o 2.0 PD-TDI 103 kW (140 PS) diesel engine is available with maintenance-free DPF (Diesel Particle Filter).

• Changes of Octavia RS:

o From 22nd week of 2006. Candy White 9P9P and Yellow Sprint F2F2 colours are available.
o 2.0 PD-TDI 125 kW (170 PS) diesel engine is also available. Maintenance- free DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) is default.
o From 27th week of 2006. brake calipers are coloured to red instead of green.
o Tinted side mirrors.
  • Vozi: OctaviA5 1.9TDI 2008 Elegance+

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Odg: Fabričke promene MY2005-MY2012, EN
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• Combi roof rail is available in silver colour beside black (except at Classic level).
• Front fog lights with "Corner" function (following curves) available except RS and Scout.
• Front fog lights' reflective area around the bulb has changed. Under the bulb it is not reflective but matte surface from now on.
• New symbols on stalk switches.
• New "LYRA" alloy wheels in size 6.5J x 16" (except L&K, RS and Scout).
• New "PALLAS" alloy wheels in size 7.0J x 17" available for Ambiente and Elegance equipment levels (for 4x4 and 4x4 Elegance from 08.2007).
• 1.8 litre TFSI 118 kW (160 PS) petrol engine (with manual transmission only) at Ambiente, Elegance and L&K levels.
• Silver Diamond 1B1B colour replaced by Silver Brilliant 8E8E from autumn.
• CASTLE wheelcap (part of Classic level) at Ambiente level too (instead of AVANTGARDA)(?)


(facelifted version, introduced on 2nd October, 2008)

• New colours:

o Arctic Green metallic (8B8B)
o Aqua Blue metallic (3U3U)

• Also available earlier colours:

o Anthracite Grey metallic (9J9J)
o Flamenco Red metallic (2L2L)
o Black Magic pearl effect (1Z1Z)
o Satin Grey metallic (5T5T)
o Storm Blue metallic (8D8D)
o Capuccino Beige metallic (4K4K)
o Brilliant Silver metallic (8E8E)
o Dynamic Blue (6D6D)
o Corrida Red (8T8T)
o Candy white (9P9P)

• Colours no longer available:

o Island Green metallic (3K3K)
o Highland Green metallic (7A7A)

• 17" Flash alloy wheels (for use with snow chain too) and 4 more new alloy wheels.

o 6Jx15" Deimos
o 7Jx17" Cepeus
o 6.5Jx15" Pyxis
o 6.5Jx16" Crateris

• New steel wheelcap: 15" Gaspra. 15" Castle (Classic) is not available.
• 15" Avantgarda wheelcap is now standard on Classic level (it was standard on Ambiente level before facelift).
• New front grille.
• New front bumper with Superb II style fog lamps equipped with a corner function up to 40 km/h and daylight function (2x21W white bulbs). If no foglights are installed, the daylight function remains integrated within the main headlights.
• New headlights with "Octavia" sign inside. Xenon lights are able to swivel during a change of direction.
• Plastic protective stripes are removed from front and rear bumpers.
• New, taller side mirrors with index lights in higher position than before.
• New roof antenna, if the vehicle is fitted with a radio which can take a GSM telephone, navigation, independent heating or any combination thereof. The base of the antenna forms a fin.
• New rear lights. The red reflectors replaced by a strip with chrome effect.
• Side mouldings are re-shaped and coloured to the body.
• Reflectors integrated into the rear bumper.
• New model name logo (font type changed). The engine type is shown on the opposite (left) side of the boot.
• New, fully coloured rear bumper.
• Rear mudflaps removed, the lower part of the bumper is now unprotected from small stones, while it's fully coloured from now. (Maybe, it will be serial equipment at countries where they're required in national traffic law.) Rear mudflaps are rounded.
• ESP is serial equipment from Ambiente level.
• Curtain airbags are serial equipments form Ambiente level.
• VIN number is no more engraved into windows/windshields.
• Two vertical element is added to the rear window heater's horizontal elements.
• Left hand drive Octavia Combi has 3 heating elements integrated into the side window between C and D pillar on the right.
• New carpets and door linings. Twinkle at Classic, Variety at Ambiente level.
• Net on the centre console of the passenger side.
• An armrest in the centre of the rear seat now comes with a storage compartment.
• The armrest in the centre of the rear seat is default from Ambiente level.
• Rear passengers can now find optional heated seat buttons on the rear of the front armrest instead of the swivel switches.
• Parts of the centre console, such as the ashtray lid, radio and air-conditioner control panel frame and the frame of the gear lever mounting, are kept in the same decor as door and dashboard trim strips.
• Hazard warning lights switch is black now, not red. Only the triangle is red on it.
• Reading lights for the rear passengers with independent switching.
• New shape and layout of front headrests (whiplash optimised head restraints - WOKS function). New WOKS head restraints on the front seats with improved backrests standard on all Octavias have replaced the original active head restraints, which were previously only available as an option.
• 7-speed DSG gearbox accompanied with turbocharged engines.
• Air conditioning control panel changed for automatic dual and semi-automatic system. Dual system's swivel wheel is replaced by finger switches, semi-automatic system's swivel switches also changed, mechanical switch mode is replaced by electronic switching. Push buttons' layout is also different.

• The basic equipment is the 1-DIN radio Blues with a CD MP3 player. Customers can opt for:

o 2-DIN audio system Swing with an integrated MP3 CD player. Swing has a white on black LCD (like MaxiDOT).
o The most advanced Bolero radio (CD,CD-MP3,CD-WMA) with 6,5" colour touch screen, SD/MMC card reader, input for connecting a hands-free device.
o Amundsen navigation system (CD, CD-MP3) with 5" touch screen, SD card slot for navigational data, input for connecting a hands-free device.
o The top range model is the combined Columbus radio navigation system with 30 GB hard disc space.

• MDI (Media Device interface) - a new connection for iPod, MP3 players, USB devices to the car entertainment system. Information from devices display on the MaxiDOT screen.
• New Bluetooth hands-free kit (GSM III Premium).
• New steering wheel with gear shifting buttons under it (for DSG gearbox).
• New dashboard with engine cooling liquid temperature gauge in the rev counter and fuel gauge in the odometer. The dashboard gauges and pointers have white underlight. MaxiDOT is still not standard equipment.
• Dashboard gauge pointers are illuminted (white) when ignition is on.
• The MaxiDOT-like black and white, full-size LCD is standard equipment now, but with limited capabilities. For example, it will not show the state of the doors. It looks like MaxiDOT but it isn't.
• Bonnet and boot lid have separate controll lights. Just like the doors. If You don't have MaxiDOT function, you can see 3 red lights in the speedometer, when everything is opened. The boot lid and the bonnet had a common controll light before the facelift.
• Steering column is taken from Superb II, the steering wheel setting lever is on the left side of the column, not on the lower side of it.
• Newly shaped front seats (similar to the earlier ones in the sports package).
• 5th generation parking sensors - better optical display on the screen and new sound signals for better perception.
• 4th generation immobiliser - better protection identical to the system in the new Superb.
• 4th generation Haldex clutch in the Octavia Estate 4×4 and Scout.

• Engines:

o 1.4 MPI 80 PS (59 kW)
o 1.6 MPI 102 PS (75 kW)
o 1.4 TSI 122 PS (90 kW)
o 1.8 TSI 160 PS (118 kW)
o 2.0 TFSI 200 PS (147 kW)
o 1.9 PD-TDI 105 PS (77 kW)
o 2.0 PD-TDI 140 PS (103 kW)
o 2.0 CR-TDI 170 PS (125 kW)

• Length decreased by 3 mm (4569 mm instead of 4572 mm) at front bumper.
• Width (from wign mirror to wing mirror) increased by 45 mm (2018 mm instead of 1973 mm).
• Front track increased by 2 mm.
• Rear track decreased by 14 mm.


29.12.2009. It's almost 2010, we're in MY2010 for 4-5 months now but Škoda said nothing about any changes of the new model year. One year's passed since the facelift and the new models are still very rare in Hungary. Because of the world economical crisis Škoda Auto is focusing on chinese and russian markets. That's why they could keep sales numbers close to the results of the previous year.
I assume the following changes were made:

• Dynamic Blue (6D6D) uni colour is no longer available.
• Pacific Blue (Z5Z5) uni colour is available.
• Rosso Brunello metallic (X7X7) is available.
• The passenger-side wing mirror has no longer auto-dimming function even when this option is ordered for the other mirrors.


• 2.0 PD-TDI 103 kW (140 PS) engine is replaced by 2.0 CR-TDI 103 kW (140 PS) unit. This engine can be paired with manual and automatic transmissions with front wheel drive, manual transmission with 4x4 and later with DSG transmission and 4x4.
• the Octavia Multifuel has been certified for EU5 emission levels
• 16" Proxima alloy wheels for Octavia are available
• 17" Proteus alloy wheels (different colour) for Octavia Scout are available
• SURPRISE: at you can choose all the ever existed colours! Like Agave green metallic, which was discontinued in 2004 at Octavia 1 (Tour) and was never available on Octavia 2! This option is available only at Ambiente, Elegance and Laurin & Klement levels (CK 15.000,- for the first two and CK 3.400,- for the latter). Classic, RS and Scout cars are not available in the older colours.
• ANOTHER SURPRISE: from 11.2010 the Climatic AC system will NOT maintain the set temperature automatically! It's a step backwards, congratulations! The number scale has disappeared around the temperature dial.
• From 11.2010 the environmentally-friendly Green-tec version of Octavia 1.6 CR-TDI DPF 77 kW (105 PS) is available.

MY2012 from 22nd week of 2011:

• based on the Ambiente trim level, the environmentally-friendly Green-tec version of Octavia 1.4 TSI 90 kW (122 PS) became available with manual transmission.
• optional independent additional heating comes with remote control automatically
• towing bar option is available for Octavia RS
• Amundsen navigation system includes maps and a GSM-II hands-free module (Bluetooth)
• DAB receiver is available

• NEW colours available:

o Lava Blue metallic (0F0F)
o Platin Grey metallic (2G2G)

• colours NO LONGER available:

o Storm Blue metallic (8D8D)
o Aqua Blue metallic (3U3U)
Further modifications from 45th week of 2011 will take place!

• Names of trim levels are changed:

o Active replaces Classic
o Ambition replaces Ambiente
o (these above apply to other Škoda models too, plus the ones with trim level Experience are renamed to Elegance)

• Ambiente trim level's silver door deco strip (5MD) changes (5ML)
• optional wood-imitation door deco strip (5TF) of Elegance level is replaced by a new one (5TK)

• Elegance trim level carpet codes change:

o at "Dynamic" fabric (black floor/beige upper) CD instead of CL
o at "Shadow"/"Alcantara" (black floor/beige upper) CZ instead of CU

• handgrip fitted passenger-side dashboard deco strip (5MD) of Octavia Scout is replced by a plain deco strip (5MN)
• passenger-side silver deco strip (5MN) of Octavia RS is replaced with carbon-style (5MH)

• new interior for Octavia RS: "RS RED" (PLB)

o the otherwise grey Alcantara part is black here with red stitch
o carpet with red stitch
o armrest with red stitch
o door trim with red stitch
o small leather packet with red stitch

• optional packages available for RS RED interior:

o 3-spoke leather steering wheel (PLR)
o 3-spoke multifunctional leather steering wheel with radio controls and DSG levers (PLS)
o 3-spoke multifunctional leather steering wheel with radio and mobile handsfree kit controls and DSG levers (PLT)

• new RS colour: Rallye green (P7P7)
• colour of luggage compartment separating net's fastening lever (combi) changes from chrome to black
• foldable lever of storage compartment hidden in luggage floor become fixed
  • Vozi: OctaviA5 1.9TDI 2008 Elegance+